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The authorized biography

This is the page where I spill the beans about myself. Usually pages like these are only of interest to.... well... no one really. If you want to go in to detail, you can check out the menu, or you can read a short faq here:

Do you think that was funny?
Guess it's kinda old.
Among humans it's Hogne Bø Pettersen.
Where do you live?
In Molde
Where do you work?
Brunvoll, a manufacturer of thrust systems for boats. I also work as a freelance journalist, writer, photographer, coder, actor and dabble a bit with music.
Isn't that kinda boring?
Well.... wait a minute. You aren't by any chance my boss or any of my customers?
Where are you from?
I spent most of my life up until 1992 in Fauske in the north of Norway.
How come you're still sane?
You obviously don't know me, do you?
I'm the one who's supposed to be asking the questions here.
Well, what you just said was a statement, not a question.
Ok, here's one: What are your hobbies?
There's a fine line between hobbies and work in my world. In addition to work I also live and breathe for music, working out, Lego and using the internet.
I thought you were going to say golf, strangling animals and masturbating.
Golf isn't very popular in my circles.
No, thank you.
I hear you work out a lot. Do you like sports?
I can't think of something more utterly boring and stupid to waste your time and money on. Sport fans should go and take in some real culture.
So you're one of those who stick their nose up at the man in the street?
Damn straight!
You're one of those who think that you know what's wrong in this world and everybody should think like you?
I wish
Just admit it, you're as middle of the road as the rest of us!
I've got an image to protect.
Do you watch TV?
Very little. I either buy or download what I want to see.
Any particular titles?
Walking Dead, ER, Big Bang Theory, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Scrubs, House and the early season of M*A*S*H.
How did you do that?
Speak in asterisks?
Y*O*U M*E*A*N L*I*K*E T*H*I*S?
Don't want to tell you.
No, go away. Read the rest of my pages if you want to know more
You can't make me go away.
Oh yeah? Watch this....

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