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Lotusphere 2012 Day 4

2012-01-21 05:31:15    |    Blog

The final day of Lotusphere was on Thursday, and I was filled with a mixture of feeling sad and relieved at the same time. Attending almost twenty sessions in the span of five days does take its toll, but it has definitely been worth it. I will be returning home in a few days with loads of inspirations and ideas.

I got up at six and decided to give my feet a rest from any running as I woke up with blisters on them. All that walking these past few days has made its marks and I decided to use my trainers the entire day. On to the last sessions I went to:

SHOW100R – How to Use Install Shield Tuner for Lotus Notes
I would think that if you were giving a lecture like this, you would have more experience with the product than just within one environment in one organization. That wasn't the case here. Don't get me wrong, I did pick up some very useful tips in this demo and the step by step instructions he made available for download will be a great asset.

Like most IBM products, Install Shield Tuner, which is free for everybody who's bought Lotus Notes/Domino, it's incredibly cumbersome to use, so getting a step by step manual so that one doesn't forget crucial settings and steps was very nice.

But every time someone had a question outside of the presenters comfort zone, he couldn't answer, and several audience members, including me, could provide him with the answers. Giving a demo lecture about the install shield tuner was a very good idea, but someone even more experienced with the product would have been a better choice as a presenter.

On the other hand, it was pretty cool to see that I was more knowledgeable about this product, as well as policies and the eclipse plugin files, than I gave myself credit for.

ID 109 – Maximize End User Productivity Through New Improvements in IBM Lotus Notes
Note how it now says “IBM Lotus Notes.” There are only two products left in the Lotus line, all the others have changed name to “IBM [something]” and I'm convinced Notes and Domino soon will follow suit.

This was a presentation of the new and improved changes in the calendar and email functionalities in Notes 8.5.1, 8.5.2 and 8.5.3. Some of them I didn't know about and I will certainly include them in my training material and courses.

Most of the new tools in the email template were stuff users of email clients have been enjoying for years, but there were also some nifty stuff that only Notes can give you. Especially was this true in the calendar department.

The next version of Lotus Notes was also demoed and it seems like it finally will be possible to write entries directly from the calendar view. Something Outlook and google calendar users have been able to do for years. I even created such a calendar for one of my previous employers and I've no idea why it has taken years for IBM to do this.

BP 111 – Deploying Plugins and Widgets – The How to Guide
Chris Miller is an incredibly funny presenter, and he really made people understand the difference between plugins and widgets. These tools are what really sets Lotus Notes apart from other collaboration tools.

With the help of a toolbox database and a widgets database one can easily roll out apps to the sidebar that will make your working day even more efficient. And this being Domino, the security is top notch, as long as you control what you let the users do.

Once again it was really nice to see how much of this stuff I already knew, but a refresher course was very beneficial.

ASK 101 – Ask the Developers
This is a fun session where the developers of the software this conference has been about are on the stage to answer questions from us. But once again, the product that most people had questions about where Lotus Notes/Domino. Especially about the calendar functionality.

See, IBM? You are on another planet compared to your customers when it comes to what we focus on!

I also went up to ask a question. After doing a couple of jokes, which I was told via twitter were well received, I asked a question that was inspired by one of the comments from this blog posting a few days back.

I asked if it would be possible to use the Lotus Notes Designer as a container for code from outside libraries like php, ruby on rails and javascript and so on. To my amazement I was told that they were actually doing a project where they were testing exactly such a functionality, however, no conclusions had been made. I'm not holding my breath but it did please me that they were thinking about this stuff.

And that was it. My second Lotusphere was over, as I didn't bother with the closing session. I went around and met up with people to do a farewell round, we are like a club where everyone vaguely knows everybody else.

In the evening we went to the Irish pub Ragland Road for a meal, Irish music and beautiful dancers doing impressive moves. I had a pudding for dessert that will last for weeks.

Their menu also comes with an FAQ, which is an acronym for Frequently Annoying Questions. Check it out, it's pretty funny stuff. Especially the part about the dancers.



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