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Lotusphere 2012 Day 0

2012-01-17 13:52:10    |    Blog

Elf and Bruce ElgortWhen I started this blog posting last night, I had just returned from the beach party at the artificial beach by the Dolphin and Swan hotel. Good food, beer, drinks, soft drinks, music and conversations. All included in the ticket price.

I managed to meet up with several people from the Lotus Notes blogosphere, as well as running in to Lars, a former colleague of mine from Tryg.

When I returned to my hotel I was too exhausted and tired to do any blogging, so I'm a little bit behind schedule. Bear with me. The reasons why I was exhausted were that I started the day at five o'clock in the morning with a one hour work out, and that even though the official opening of the conference is on Monday morning, there are several lectures and sessions during Sunday as well. I attended the following:

JMP-101: IBM Lotus Notes Domino Xpages Jumpstart
Xpages is what every traditional Lotus Notes developer are either doing, or want to learn these days. The tool makes it much easier to webify your applications, as well as making the user experience much more dynamic in the Lotus Notes client as well.

The guys holding the session were really good, and they showed us, via great examples, how to transform existing Lotus Notes applications in to Xpages applications. In addition, they showed us how easy it is to make a Lotus Notes application available on handheld devices like your cell phone.

They also showed us a tool where you could emulate an Iphone, Android or Blackberry inside the Lotus Notes client, so that you could test your mobile application. Awesome.

I've started toying with the idea of letting our sales people just use their phones when updating documents in our sales application running in Lotus Notes. Not to mention letting our service people do their stuff without having to rely on a laptop with the Notes client, as well as not suffering through the replication processes afterwards.

The guys holding the session also offered a free introductory course which I've downloaded.

BPDD202 Build New or Enhance Existing Applications with Social Capabilities from IBM Connections
The title for this session was a bit misleading, as it wasn't about Connections at all. The lecture was good though, and I can readily see possibilities for my company using the techniques and tools they showed us.
In the session they showed us how to enhance applications so that you can generate documents for Microsoft Office, Visio, Project, Libre Office and Lotus Symphony, as well as several other formats.

The examples are too numerous to mention, but there were some really cool stuff that I'm eager to try, even though I've been doing quite a few of the exporting examples myself for years.
Most of the solutions they presented are available for free at OpenNTF, the Lotus Notes community's very own Source Forge.

After this lecture, IBM Norway treated me to a great lunch in the same area as the beach party would be later in the evening.

JMP102 Introduction to Java for IBM Lotus Domino Developers
The guy who did this session certainly knew his stuff, but he went through the basics of Java incredibly fast, so I don't blame people who've never touched Java if they couldn't keep up. Fortunately I have some experience with Java and have used the language a bit, so I managed to stay with him.

He gave a very thorough introduction on how to use Java in Lotus Notes applications. There are several reasons for wanting to do so, among them is the fact that it's much easier to communicate with other API's through Java libraries.

Another thing he reminded me of is that you don't need anything but the Lotus Notes designer for coding Java. Everything is laid out in the designer, since it's based on Eclipse.

Since I had gone to the conference much earlier than anticipated, I had taken the session I had planned to go to at four o'clock at eight in the morning. I therefore decided to see another Xpages session.

JMP302 Master Class: Using Themes to control the look and feel of your IBM Lotus Domino XPages applications
It was really enjoyable to see how easy it is to make your Xpages application look good. What I didn't like was how difficult it seemed to be to change them the design of the themes to fit your own needs.

They did give us several examples and stated time and time again that it wasn't as complicated as it looked, but I'll try it before I'll take their word for it. In addition they lost me a bit in the session when they demonstrated how to edit a theme via various files and setup values.

Still, a good session which made me strengthen my resolve to learn Xpages.

And then it was time for the traditional beach party. I had a great time and it was great fun to meet online friends and former colleagues.

Now, let's pretend it's still Sunday night. I'll therefore write:

Tomorrow is the official opening, and people are discussing what celebrity that will be guest speaker this year. Can they top Kevin Space and Neil Armstrong? Watch this space.


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