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Get Real News on Facebook

2011-09-30 13:52:50    |    Back    |    Blog

Judging by some of the Facebook status updates quite a few of my friends and contacts have made in the past few days, I'm not the only one annoyed by Facebook's new Top News crap.

What happens is that Facebook does some kind of voodoo algorithm that decides what sort of news they feel will be of most interest to you, and then they place it on top of your news feed. Only they are completely wrong of course. The result is that quite a few of the status updates and postings your friends make escapes your notice because they don't show up anymore.

Facebook left menuHowever, there is a solution: In Facebook you now have an improved and expanded option to create lists. In these lists you can categorise your Facebook contacts. Personally I have lists for colleagues, ex-colleagues, close friends, contacts. acquaintances and so on.

These lists pop up to the left of your newsfeed (underneath Favourites and Groups). However, you can only see a few of them at a time.

If you want one or more lists to be shown all the time you have to add them as a favourite. Find the list in your (he he) list of lists and press click on the little pencil to the left of it.Add You will now be able to add the list to your favourites. The list will now be displayed all the time underneath Favourites in the left menu.

So what has all this got to do with your news feed you ask. Well, I'm coming to that. If you see on the screen capture from my Favourites menu, you will see that I've got a list called "Real news." What I did was to create a list where I included every single one of all of my Facebook contacts.

This means that every time I click on that list, it behaves just like the old newsfeed on Facebook used to do. No more Top Stories and no more missed updates or shared links from your friends.

So from now on, when you log on to Facebook, ignore the standard newsfeed and go straight to your newly created list and click on it. Lo and behold: Everything is hunky dory again.

You're welcome!



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