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A Review of Easter

2007-04-08 23:12:05    |    Back    |    Blog

Easter can be summed up like this:

- Because of really, really crappy weather, this didn't turn in to the cabin holiday, long ski trips under sunny skies included, I was hoping for. My dad and I went up to the cabin on Good Friday and rescued the food and while the snow storm made me feel alive, it wasn't anything to bring the kids up to.

- Lots of good food have been consumed. Have put on weight.

- Was visited by and visited old friend from who goes way back (all the way back to 1978)

- Visited online friends, who a couple of times a year become real life friends (thanks for all the beer!)

- Took the kids for a ski trip today, so that the fare I had to pay for bringing our skiing equipment with us wasn't paid in vain

- Got to work out for free yesterday at Friskhuset

- Didn't get half as much reading done as I would've liked

- Holding my fingers crossed for Lisa-Mari Moen Jünge in tomorrows final in Miss Norway:
Mosaic of Lisa-Mari Moen Jünge



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