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Mullah Krekar

2006-03-15 01:05:05    |    Back    |    Blog

We have a minor terrorist leader in Norway who goes by the name Mullah Krekar. Norwegian authorities have been trying to throw him out of the country for quite some time now, and even if the courts have decided that he should be out on his rear, he's still here. Krekar claims his life is in danger if he returns to his beloved Iraq, despite the fact that he has returned there on several occasions without any problems in the past decade. And since he now lives in a civilized country, he can't be shipped out as Norway generally doesn't send people to their death.

Yesterday Krekar was quoted in most Norwegian media from an interview where he once again claims Islam is in a war against the West. But he's not worried, you see. Because Islam is going to win! Islam is right and the West is wrong, according to Krekar. He then hails Osama Bin Laden as a great hero and goes on about the fact that religious conviction is going to win over our democratic rights and personal freedom. Not to mention that Islamic women are doing so much fucking compared to Western women that Europe will be 30% Islamic by 2050.

It's ironic that the freedoms and rights this country, and the rest of the West has, the very same freedom Krekar is mocking in this interview, are excactly what prevents us from shipping him back to his peers where they can cut him in to little pieces and then kill him. As a friend of mine said: “In Krekar's case, we should make an exception.”




Hvorfor blogger du på engelsk? Mye fine bilder fra Molderosetten, forresten...

Men, du kan jo - for å øke lesbarhet(s)en ha et norsk flagg. Men du tenker og skriver sikkert best på engelsk? Eller?


Posted by: Ole Foss Date: 2006-03-19 23:01:04


Hei, Ole. Så hyggelig at du stakk innom.

Jeg skriver på engelsk da jeg har mange internasjonale venner, og de fleste som besøker siden kommer utenfra Norge.

Jeg har en og annen bloggposting på norsk, dog. Tanken om et norsk flagg og en norsk utgave er noe jeg har tenkt litt på, ja...

Posted by: Elf Date: 2006-03-19 23:25:12


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