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The Socks Are Off

2005-07-07 22:39:51    |    Back    |    Blog

The subject line says it all. The summer finally arrived and the past few days have been wonderful. Unfortunately most of my afternoons have been spent on my knees in the living room screwing together furniture, but today I decided to let such things be. After spending the last five hours in the company of your very best friends doing stuff that includes going for laps in a tree meter long and half a meter deep pool, eating Bamsemums with raspberry taste, barbecuing chicken filet wrapped in ham and melted cheese which you serve together with potato salad, drinking four liters of Pepsi Max, having a water fight with your son and Very Pregnant™ friend, playing with three dogs, watching a spider catch a fly in it's fantastically beautiful web and wearing nothing but shorts made me more relaxed that I can remember having been for a long time.

It made me forget the huge amount of work I have at the office, the apartment that I still haven't been able to finish and London. Days like today are so far between that I will live on this day for a long time to come. I'm not even bothered by the unfinished pc-desk that is staring at me from the corner of my eye. I will go to bed smelling of sunscreen, sweat, pool water and barbecue… in short: The smell of summer!



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