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That Was 2011

2012-01-12 15:47:09 - 0 comments    |     Archives

1. What did you do in 2011 that you've never don before?
I did my debut as a standup comedian, and survived!

2. Did you keep your new year's resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
Calvin and Hobbes More -->

Lotusphere 2012 Day Minus 2

2012-01-13 20:12:42 - 0 comments    |     Archives

I'm sitting on a Lufthansa flight to Orlando, Florida, as I'm writing this, ten kilometers above the Atlantic, and with at least four hours of remaining flight time. I've just filled out the U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Customs Declaration, while watching a video on the screen in the ceiling, where I'm told that I will be treated like a criminal when entering the US of A. I'm an old fashioned guy and feel that giving your fingerprints is something you should only have to do after actually committing a crime. More -->

Lotusphere 2012 Day Minus 1

2012-01-14 03:03:18 - 0 comments    |     Archives

Slave LeiaIt's hard to describe how wonderful it is to start the day with a 9 km run when you've slept seven hours after being awake for 24 hours, and spent 12 of them on a plane.

After the run we headed out for breakfast at Sizzler and then we hit the malls. Since malls bore the crap out of me I spent quite some time with my book while waiting for the other ladies...sorry, guys to finish.

I did get myself two very cool t-shirts, a slave Leia action figure, a Luke Skywalker action figure and my prize: A pair of Bose Quiet Comfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones for less than half the price I would have to pay back in Norway.

But this is about Lotusphere. We signed up at 1300 hours today, when they opened, while feeling very clever since signing up that early meant we wouldn't have to fight through an insanely long line of people tomorrow. The rucksack this year was a very nice looking thing in pure black, instead of a bright yellow color.

It was as usual filled to the brim with various information pamphlets, as well as a notebook (paper) and a pen. I'm not sure I will need those as I intend to drag my laptop with me to the lectures. The official opening isn't until Monday morning. However, I'm still attending three lectures tomorrow. I'm hoping to get a nice introduction to Xpages, as well as learning more about integrating the Sametime product in to other applications.

In the evening the traditional welcoming party will be held at the "beach" by the Dolphin and Swan hotels, where the conference is held.

This is how the hotel looks:
Dolphin and Swan hotel

It's so tacky it works, but I'm glad we are staying at another hotel, Port Orleans, a 15 minute bus ride away (or a short ride on a canal boat).

Time for bed now. Got to gather strength for tomorrow when I will fill myself up with knowledge.

Lotusphere 2012 Day 0

2012-01-17 13:52:10 - 0 comments    |     Archives

Elf and Bruce ElgortWhen I started this blog posting last night, I had just returned from the beach party at the artificial beach by the Dolphin and Swan hotel. Good food, beer, drinks, soft drinks, music and conversations. All included in the ticket price.

I managed to meet up with several people from the Lotus Notes blogosphere, as well as running in to Lars, a former colleague of mine from Tryg.

When I returned to my hotel I was too exhausted and tired to do any blogging, so I'm a little bit behind schedule. Bear with me. The reasons why I was exhausted were that I started the day at five o'clock in the morning with a one hour work out, and that even though the official opening of the conference is on Monday morning, there are several lectures and sessions during Sunday as well. I attended the following: More -->

Lotusphere 2012 Day 1

2012-01-17 13:54:13 - 10 comments    |     Archives

It's warm, it's Florda and I have quite a lot to say about the first day, so I'll just get straight to it. More -->

Lotusphere 2012 Day 2

2012-01-18 15:00:53 - 0 comments    |     Archives

Lake by Swan and Dolphin HotelDo you know how wonderful it is to walk around on a beach outside a hotel in Florida, when it's 24 degrees Celsius outside? No? Well, it is! After having a pretty chilly weather the first few days, it finally felt like Florida again. But this isn't a vacation, so we should move on to the sessions I attended. It was a very busy day, indeed, but I'll keep it shorter than yesterday. More -->

Lotusphere 2012 Day 3

2012-01-19 19:55:50 - 0 comments    |     Archives

Blue fishThe wonderful and warm weather continued today, although we did get a refreshing hour of rain in the middle of the day. I could learn to live here, so easily!

I decided to sleep late today, so I didn't get up until seven o'clock this morning. I then went for a 10 km run and since the sun came up while I was running I realized that I was getting dehydrated. I therefore stopped at the shop to grab lots of water bottles on my way back to my room.

After a quick shower I headed down to the conference, grabbing a bagle, a youghurt and a Nesquick shake (darn, those things taste good!) on my way to the shuttle going down to the Swand and Dolphin hotel. I got down there just in time for the ten o'clock session, which was: More -->

Lotusphere 2012 Day 4

2012-01-21 05:31:15 - 1 comments    |     Archives

The final day of Lotusphere was on Thursday, and I was filled with a mixture of feeling sad and relieved at the same time. Attending almost twenty sessions in the span of five days does take its toll, but it has definitely been worth it. I will be returning home in a few days with loads of inspirations and ideas.

I got up at six and decided to give my feet a rest from any running as I woke up with blisters on them. All that walking these past few days has made its marks and I decided to use my trainers the entire day. On to the last sessions I went to: More -->

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