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Moldejazz 2009

2009-08-04 13:57:04 - 1 comments    |     Archives

As usual I worked around the clock for Romsdals Budstikke/Rbnett.no and 1FM during the Molde International Jazz Festival this year. Here's an assorted collection of photos I took during the festival:

Leonard Cohen Audience
Webb sister Jonny Sjo

Timbuktu Magnus Gustafsson
Bass player Tshawe
Atomic Madcon
Child's play Slapdash
Headbanger Happiness
Otomo Yoshihide

Crohns Explained

2009-08-20 14:17:59 - 0 comments    |     Archives

Regular readers of my blog, the two of you who are left, know that I've got Crohn's disease. According to my doctor this condition should make me ill enough to warrant at least three to four sick leaves a year. However, it's at least three years since the last time I needed one, so in my doctor's opinion, all that workout and my strict diet regime is actually doing me some good. However, I did get another lecture about my work schedule and tempo. "Normal people wouldn't last long with your schedule," she said. "Try to balance it more."

FlushAnyway, I'm currently on sick leave. I'm having stomach cramps, no appetite, sudden bouts of fever and when I need to go to the bathroom I need to go NOW. And after entering, you won't see me for a couple of hours.

I'm very often asked how my disease affects me, what symptoms I have and generally what the disease is all about. It's complicated to explain as the symptoms of Crohns vary from person to person. But there are some common elements. Still, it's a bit hard to explain to people exactly what it's all about, and not least why it affects you so much that you're pretty much not able to do much at all when it's ravaging through your system.

But today I came across a comic that gives a very through explanation of what it's all about. Mind you, this person has a much more severe case of Crohns than what I have, but I recognised my own experiences in every single panel. Everything from the description of the awkwardness of toilet disappearances to the symptoms and the colonoscopies are right on target. In addition, it's a very well produced comic. Very focused, entertaining and educational.

So, for those of you who wonder what I'm sometimes going through, like right now for instance, here is everything you will need to know.

Hva skal jeg stemme: Arbeiderpartiet

2009-08-31 13:55:38 - 0 comments    |     Archives

Jeg er blant de mange som enda ikke har bestemt meg for hva jeg skal stemme i Stortingsvalget 14. september. Jeg har i dagene framover tenkt å ta for meg partiene som stiller til valg her i fylket og liste opp fem punkter jeg ikke liker med dem, og fem punkter jeg liker.

Dette er en fullstendig subjektiv gjennomgang av en ikke-ekspertpolitisk kommentator. Jeg inviterer til debatt om mine synspunkter og setter mer enn gjerne pris på å bli fortalt at jeg tar feil. På forespørsel tar jeg gjerne og utdyper noen av punktene under.

I dag er det Arbeiderpartiet: More -->

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