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Flickr: Pulling His Weight

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Is it Finally Happening?

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CutterElfquest fans have had their hopes crushed before. There have been producers involved in the past. We've been presented with animation tests, story board drawings and there's been a lot of talk, talk, talk and writing.

But I never think we've been this close before. Is it finally happening?

Hollywood's treatment of comics and beloved books have a tendency to rub the nose of die hard fans, but according to Wendy Pini, we don't need to be too worried. Is it finally happening?


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Moonlit sea
Photo taken on my balcony last night
First of all I would like to say sorry to all my flickr contacts, all my facebook contacts, all my blogger contacts and whoever else who I imagine must have started questioning why they hadn't seen me for some time.

First I took a two week holiday, where I just simply disconnected for some time. Then when I returned back to Molde last Sunday, I immediately started a marathon week of journalism for the local paper during Molde International Jazz Festival. I've only had one day with less than 16 hours of work, and that was after I handed in my last review, which has made me hate object number 1 among the town's Kent fans.

It was a very tiring week, but it was also an amazingly funny, interesting and educational one. Monday I got to review the opening concert, and I gave it a glowing review which I did receive a lot of good feedback on.

Tuesday I worked a double shift for the paper and the internet edition at the same time. It was insane, and I wasn't sure I was coping, but I pulled through at the end.

Wednesday I interviewed a man who has stayed at the jazz camp for 29 festivals.

Thursday I reviewed the Mary J. Blige concert, and I got a bit of flack for that one as well, even if I did praise her performance. But I also received loads of positive feedback on it. Strange world. But hey, it's good to get a reaction. Nothing is more dull than wondering if anyone reads your stuff, or if they care.

In addition I made several more articles and even did an interview with the grand old lady of Norwegian jazz, and I was also out every night for the first four days of the festival, taking photos of the nightlife.

So last night I didn't do anything. And today I've managed to relax for most of the day. I even stayed in my hammock for a few hours, doing nothing but reading and taking the occasional nap in between. And I didn't feel guilty about it either.

I did go out and bought my balcony some new flowers, and I finally started unpacking, seven days after arriving home. For the past week I've only been home for 5-6 hours of sleep. And you know what the worst thing about this is? Not only will I do it again next year, I would also love to do this on a permanent basis...

Summer Tunes

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Essential YelloStian has asked me to tell the world what I'm listening to this summer. I then realised that my last.fm list doesn't really tell the truth these days since I'm listening to quite a lot of music in the car while driving around. And the album I've kept coming back to this summer is Essential Yello.

First of all Yello creates really catchy music. Secondly, they're really innovative. Thirdly, they're great fun! How many world famous Swiss rock artists or comedians are there? One would think that Swiss musicians could play in time and Swiss comedians should have great timing...

Who can resist tracks like "Vicious Games," "Tied up," "Lost again," "Of Course I'm lying," "Pinball Cha Cha," "Bostich," "Desire" (especially this one!), "Call it Love," "Jungle Bill, "Goldrush" and "The Rythm Divine." The latter being the greatest Bond song that never was:

Shona and Kyrre

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Shona and Kyrre

This photo was taken on 30th of June. Two friends of mine hired me to do their wedding photos. I was honored and scared at the same time. You don't want to be the one who screwed up their big day.

My friend Erik Hattrem helped me out and we set up the equipment along an alley between a bunch of boat houses leading down to the ocean.

The happy and beautiful couple were thankfully very happy with the photos.

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