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Answer In One Word

2008-01-06 22:31:58 - 2 comments    |     Archives

Ellen challenged me to do this.


1. Where's your cell phone. Desk
2. Describe your girlfriend. Who?
3. Your hair? Short
4. Your mother? Worrying
5. Your father? Persistent
6. What's your favourite thing? Lego
7. What did you dream last night? Friends
8. Preferred beverage? Water
9. Dream car? None
10. In which room are you now? Living
11. Your ex? Business
12. Your biggest fear? Nuclear
13. What would you like to be in ten years? Rich
14. Who were you with last night? Audience
15. Something you're not? Finished
16. Last thing you did? Aquarium
17. What are you wearing? Clothes
18. Favourite book? Contact
19. Last thing you ate? Grapes
20. Your life? Hectic
21. Your mood? Ambivalent
22. Your best friends? Great
23. What are you thinking right now? Bergen
24. Your car? Renault
25. What are you doing right now? Tennis
26. Your summer? Future
27. Marital status? Single
28. What's on your TV right now? Mythbusters
29. Last time you laughed? Afternoon
30. Last time you cried? Days
31. School? Rehearsals

Calendar For 2008

2008-01-13 23:49:02 - 5 comments    |     Archives

Every year I make a calendar, and this Xmas was no exception. This year the theme was the offspring, so I dragged him along to my studio and shot photos of him that were inspired by things going on during each corresponding month. Here are the photos: More -->

Tom Cruise is a Moron

2008-01-16 23:45:15 - 4 comments    |     Archives

I've blogged several times before about why you should hate the Church of $cientology, and also why Tom Cruise is a fucking moron. Finally we can see how much of a moron he is. Just watch the clip that the Church of $cientology has tried to remove from the internet, as usual by threatening web-sites with legal action.

How can an actor be so bad at articulating himself? What's up with that manic laughter he suddenly bursts in to, for no particular reason? How brainwashed do you have to be to sit in a room and listen to sentences like ""When you're a Scientologist, and you drive by an accident, you know you have to do something about it, because you know you're the only one who can really help" and applaud?

Watch the clip and be scared. Really scared.

Nerdy Stuff

2008-01-17 22:06:44 - 2 comments    |     Archives

Batman & RobinThe offspring and I are eagerly awaiting the game Lego Batman. It will not come out until October, but it looks so darn cool that we just can't wait. You can check out several photos of it at collider.com, not to mention a short but pretty funny trailer.

Now, how should you explain to your kid why you have a stay at home server? I'm sure a lot you server owners have wondered about that very problem. Do not despair. Via Warren I found a link to the brochure "Mommy, why is there a server in the house?" which should prepare you for the challenges of social acceptance in that regard.

One More DayAnother thing that goes on in nerd land these days is the discussion about Marvel's decision to erase Mary Jane and Peter Parker's marriage of out Marvel continuity. Tensions have been high, and Marvel editor Joe Quesada ultimately had to explain himself over a five part long interview. I'm one of those who think that even though the marriage was an ill-advised publicity stunt way back in 1987, it is so disrespectful to pull this number on Spider-Man's readers. And Quesadas explanation for his decision is poor, flawed and with more holes in it than a tennis racket.

However, I'm not such a nerd about this that I can't have a really good laugh at this article at CBR, where Marvel fans go berserk and creates havoc. I'll give you a couple of gems from the article:

'"Just look at this garbage!" screamed 37-year-old David Morden, thrusting forward one of the four copies of the book in his possession. "Peter Parker [Spider-Man's alter ego] is nearly in his 30s, and he's still living with his aunt!" David had more to say on the subject, but then his mother arrived to pick him up from the store and take him home.'

And this one:

"Nobody knows who fired the first shot, but within moments, the writer's table was being pelted with DC Absolute Editions and Marvel Omnibuses. Thankfully, the volumes' impressive weight combined with the general lack of athleticism amongst the protesters resulted in few serious injuries."

Go read the article. It's side splitting. And Warren Ellis is mentioned too.

Weekend Off

2008-01-21 14:55:14 - 1 comments    |     Archives

Snow lantern I actually had an entire weekend off. It's my only off weekend between New Years and Easter, so I did my best to avoid any sort of work, and I think I succeeded. Håkon was at my place, and we had a great time, despite most of the weekend being plagued by really bad weather. Friday afternoon we did the usual Friday trip to the pool, followed, as always, by taco wraps for dinner. Since the Lego Imperial Star Destroyer is such a huge set, we build it in stages, and we built a little bit everyday this weekend. Now the entire skeleton of it is finished. In addition to this we also played KOTOR II, especially on Saturday when the storm was throwing hail and thunder our way. He also had a great time at a birthday party Sunday afternoon.

But I think what Håkon enjoyed the most was when we played with his Newton electronics set. Inside you have all sorts of stuff to do experiments with electricity. So on Saturday we built an electric fan, a morse code apparatus (with both sounds and lights), a door bell and a light house. Through the process we learned about both serial and parallel circuits, and to my great joy, Håkon loved doing these experiments. He also learned something, because when I asked him why he thought the lights weren't glowing anymore when he placed a wire in such a way that the circuit was broken, he could answer me what was wrong.

The other great thing we did was to go out and play in the snow on Sunday evening. Finally the shitty weather gave way, and there was actually snow on the ground. So we pulled out his sledding board and went riding for a couple of hours with a friend of his. After tiring of that Håkon and his friend decided to wrestle with me in the snow, and I tell you, that kind of stuff really wears you out. After a couple of hours we went back home and built snow lanterns, and we rounded off the evening with hot chocolate and sandwiches.

When Håkon went to bed last night he said: "Dad, this has been a great weekend." Ahhh. :)

Not at Lotusphere

2008-01-23 23:01:19 - 0 comments    |     Archives

Lotusphere 2008I'm not at Lotusphere this year. It's going on right now, and I really, really wish I was there. In fact, I'm extremely miffed that I wasn't allowed to go. But there we are, I'm not there, but about 10 000 others are. So instead I spend a lot of my working day reading blogs and reports and viewing videos from the event.

Some of the news I'm excited about are:

- SAP-client integrated in to the Notes 8.5 client
- Beta 4 of Lotus Symphony on its way
- The New Notes Designer 8.5 looks really good and improved, especially the way you will be able to work with Web 2.0 elements inside it. Also, it is entirely Eclipse based
- Notes and Domino for Ubuntu, Linux and Apple (Beta 2 of Notes 8 is available for Mac)
- Lotus Widgets - plugins in the Sametime framework - just like Google gadgets
- New Widget functions. You can mark a special word (let's say Elfworld) in an email and then activate a widget that opens a browser window to my blog

And that just the stuff I found interesting. Now I'm going to get depressed over all the great sessions I'm going to miss. Hopefully I will be able to lay my hands on some of the presentations. For those who want to follow updates from Lotusphere I've compiled a list of tthe best blogs to do so here:

- My notesblog (NO)
- Slem fisk (NO)
- Ed Brill (EN)
- Mary Beth Raven (EN)
- Rocky Oliver (EN)
- Bruce Elgort (EN)
- Warren Elsmore

Ok, back in to sulking mode now. :(

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