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Summer in Molde

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I'm on a high. Not the sort of high that you have to use substances or alcohol to achieve. No, this is the kind of high you get when the sun is shining from a clear blue sky, and the last remnants of the long winter and cold spring is thawed out of your body. There's life in the town of Molde. It's hard to believe, so I've taken on my reporter's hat and brought with me my camera and notebook. I'm on a mission to write a "summer is finally here" item for the local paper.

People on the docksI start down by the docks. At the Lantern I find four people who seem to be enjoying themselves immensely. Among them is a married couple who comes from an island further to the north of Molde. They've taken a week end boat trip down here, and since the guest boat parking is situated right next to the Lantern, it's the perfect spot. I ask if I can take their picture, and one of the women around the table jokes that I must not publish it in the paper. – My family will se what I really was up to today.

As I take my pictures I begin to realize why they've chosen to sit here. The skyline is dominated by the 333 (a number that seems to increase every year) mountain tops at the other side of the fjord. Sea gulls are flying around and right by the dock is the big cruise ship, Albatross, moored. It all creates a really nice maritime atmosphere. I thank them and I walk towards the centre of downtown.

There are several people situated outside Red Only Blue. I spot a beautiful young couple sitting at a table a bit further away from the rest of the crowd. They're just sitting, laid back against the wall. Young couple in loveNo one is talking. There's no need to talk when you have the comfort of the sun, a drink in your hand and your love by your side. I ask if I can take their picture, and they agree. Their college students, and should really have been preparing for their last finals of the semester, but as they say: No one is studying on a day like this. No arguments from me there.

I cross the road and walk down to the newest joint in town, Winch. Trendy and hip, at least for a town like Molde, but they still manage to have a crowd consisting of people from the age of twenty to fifty. I speak a little bit with the owner and he tells me that their success is all about dragging the big city in to the little town. I ponder on this as I make my way towards the grand daddy of outdoor establishments in Molde, Dockside, down on the pier.

On my way over there I spot two sixteen year old girls sitting with their backs against fence of Dockside, while consuming a soft ice cream each. I observe them for a minute. Not a care in the world. Gossiping. Young girls eating ice creamTheir shoes are off and they seem to just live in the moment. Something I haven't been able to do for years. I ask if I can take their picture, and they agree as long as they get to veto afterwards. While photographing them, their friends show up. Beautiful young girls who have finally learned to put the make up on right. I show my photo subjects the pictures and they both agree that the one taken from the right was the best one.

I walk in to Dockside where a five piece jazz band is playing at the end of the pier, to a very enthusiastic crowd. The beer is foaming, people laugh and applaud and the mood is just fantastic. Jazz BandI sit down and I begin talking to a table full of German tourists, who were on their way back to Albatross when they found this place. – We were told that this was the town of jazz, but it sure took some time before we found it, the slightly above middle aged Ute tells me while laughing.

Despite an impeccable dress sense and a shining white hair that would've made number one in any hairstyling competition she doesn't allow me to take any pictures of her. In stead she offers to buy me a beer. I politely decline and walk over to the band to snap a few shots. The trumpeter has just played a segment of notes and everyone on the dock applauds wildly.

It is indeed summer again in Molde!

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