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I took in Pet Shop Boys in Oslo this weekend. And boy what a great concert it was. What struck me was that this duo is probably among the greatest pop song writers coming out of England in the past twenty years. I'll admit that I lost interest in them after Alternative came out in the mid 90s, but last year's album Fundamental is nothing short of brilliant! And at the concert they presented one gem after the other. Any band which can perform something as good as Left to My Own Devices as their second song demonstrates that they're taking no prisoners.

Pet Shop Boys in concertI would estimate that there were about 2000 people at the concert, and the reaction to the band was phenomenal. Even Neil Tennant seemed overwhelmed at times, between all his "tusen takk"s. Most bands who are touring these days with an extensive back catalogue usually ignore their latest album, at most they'll play one or two tunes but that's it. Pet Shop Boys on the other hand seemed to realise that their latest album is their strongest in years and played a lot of tracks from it. I was very pleased to see that most of the crowd were just as familiar with those songs as with the old ones. And when the band did Integral, the crowd exploded.

They did three cover tunes, and it's pretty funny that they've managed to turn these songs in to their own. Does anyone remember that Always on My Mind were done by Elvis and that Go West is a Village People track? Most people I ask answer Pet Shop Boys when I ask them who did those songs. And it's a great feat to be able to turn Where the Streets Have No Name in to a listenable song. Best cover tune ever!

The show was also done in the typical tongue in cheek style you would expect from these guys, with lots of ironic humour. The dancers, who also functioned as backup singers, did choreographed dancing, which was a really nice contrast to their obvious classical training. After the concert, my friend Lars went over the merchandising booth and bought the same great looking hooded sweat shirt in signal yellow that you can see Chris Lowe wearing in the picture. I wore it on the way home, and I looked gooood. In short: It was a great evening!

The next day I ran in to the band at the bookstore at Gardermoen airport. I spoke a little bit with them and told them what a great show it had been. They were very nice and cordial, and you got to love Neil Tennant's English pronunciation. I regret that I didn't ask for a photo, but I really didn't want to bother them more than I probably already did. Besides, what had I done to deserve it?

Get Rid of Religion Now

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The Italian comedian Andrea Rivera makes a joke about the pope and the Catholic Church on national TV. The result is that the Vatican labels him a terrorist! Seriously! They feel it's wrong to be "fueling blind and irrational fury against he [pope] who always speaks in the name of love." The name of love? It never ceases to amaze how some people equals words with deeds.

In the US, a school committee has pulled a book from their library because of the book's questionably moral content. This was done without them having even read the book. What's next for the US? Book burnings?

Utah County Republicans ended their convention on Saturday by debating Satan's
influence on illegal immigrants
. Don Larsen, chairman of legislative District 65 for the Utah CountyRepublican Party, had submitted a resolution warning that Satan's minions want to eliminate national borders and do away with sovereignty

Radical Muslims have established their own courts in several towns in England to force sharia laws upon the Muslim minority, and to make Muslims less dependant of the British law.

Imams in Norway refused to play a soccer match against a team with female priests. The reason was that they were afraid of the risk of coming in to contact with the bodies of the women during the match. Can someone please tell these people to get a grip? I was seven or eight years old when I stopped believing that girls have cooties.

Sheesh! Someone wake me when it's over, please?


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Is it just me, or is this the best headline ever?

That's quality that pun loving journalists should aspire to do!

Animated Calvin and Hobbes

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If you wonder why I still have my winter colors up, the explanation is simple: I'm working on a new design but it goes very slowly because of 1) big workload with stuff that generates money for me, 2) slight laziness creeping in free moments.

Just to show that I'm not completely dead, I wanted to give you this animated version of Calvin and Hobbes. It's made with real respect and admiration for the original strip. It's wonderful, actually:

Another Year

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Håkon and rabbit

Guess who turned 7 today!

Changes Taking Place

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Finally I got rid of the winter coat, and in the process I decided to redo the design a bit. There will be some more changes in the coming days, especially on the front page and in how one navigates through the archives, as well as stuff in the background that you hopefully won't have to trouble yourself with. Please let me know if you have any problems viewing the page properly in your browser, and if you do, state the OS and browser, including browser version. I'm especially curious if everyone can see my last.fm playlist to the right.

Huge thanks to Lasse and Stian, the css maestros, for invaluable help with the style sheet problems I had, as well as helpful hints on design improvements!

Errors? What Errors?!?

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Of course I had technical difficulties. I got an email telling me that people couldn't comment on my blog postings. After solving that problem I discovered that cookies no longer worked either, and that I guess a lot of people have had problems with them on return visits for quite some time now.

But now everything is in tip top shape again. I hope...

It was 30 Years Ago Today

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Star Wars poster

Clone Wars Animated

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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy how friggin' cool it looks!

Clone Wars Preview

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