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Counting Down Again

2007-12-01 23:47:45 - 0 comments    |     Archives

In the advent calendar today: A candy pacifier

Advent is back again, and Xmas is approaching. Last night two trees in my garden were decorated with lights. The one by the upper stairs leading down to me was decorated with coloured lights and the one at the door with white lights. In addition four advent stars are gracing various windows in the apartment, purple table clothes and purple candles are out, and the window in the living room has advents lights too.

AT-STMost important of all, though, is the advent calendars. I finished Håkon's calendar two days ago. For the third year in a row I've divided a Lego set in to 24 bags. This year he will be getting an AT-ST. But don't tell him that.

Since I've been going on about my own calendar in previous years, ad nauseoum, I won't write anything about it. Apart from one thing. For the first time in years I don't know what it's filled with, because Håkon has filled it for me this year. I wasn't allowed inside the living room while he did it. He even went to the store himself and bought whatever it is filled with. How cool is that?

But I haven't forgotten about you folks either. This year I'm giving you my advent calendar on flickr. Check it out everyday to see how this experiment will turn out. I'm looking forward to it.

Last Assignment

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In the advent calendar today: A small chocolate (Firkløver)

My last assignment in the Ajax course I'm taking this semester was approved today, with flying colors. I can't describe what a relief it is to be finished with them all. Thankfully I've been working steadily in this course, so there wasn't any last minute panic to do five assignments at once.

The exam is now five days away. Previous exams given in this course is currently downloading. Wish me luck.

PS! Don't forget this year's online calendar.

Universe vs Ego

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In the advent calendar today: A Smarties chocolate santa

I think every power in the Universe tried to stop me from getting to work at the office today. First of all I really had to keep nagging the offspring so that he could finish his breakfast in time, not to mention getting him to take his morning dump, brush his teeth, wash his face and get dressed before the school bell rang, all while preparing our lunch boxes. Then it was the dog's turn to do her morning dump, and I swear, she squatted at least forty places before she found a spot that was worthy to defecate on. I was ready to throw her in the brook running past my apartment. Can someone for the love of any power you might believe in tell me what makes a canine ball of fur behave like that?

Then I could finally take my shower, brush my teeth, put on my bike gown and pack my bag. I then straddled the bike and began on my journey to work, or so I thought. I was already twenty minutes late by now, and just as I thought things were falling in to place, I had to use my brakes to avoid collision with a kid. As I pushed the front brake, I heard something snap. The next thing I know, I feel the front wheel come to a complete stop, and before I know it, the bike is no longer between my thighs. Two seconds later I hit the gravel on the road with a large thud, followed by curse words that would probably be blocked by websense if I wrote them here.

When I got back on my feet, I saw that the front brake had snapped off, and my front wheel was jammed. So I had to carry the bike back home, change my clothes, get the car out, hang the bicycle on the back of the car and drive to work. I got there an hour late. And I got the bike fixed at the bike shop next door.

Universe – Me: 0-1

R2-D2 Speak

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In the advent calendar today: A Smarties chocolate snowman

Lego R2-D2If you ever wondered what R2-D2 is actually saying, or if you just want to learn how to talk in R2-D2 speak, then look no further than the R2-D2 translator.

Some people seriously need help...

And don't forget my online calendar.


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In the advent calendar yesterday: A toffee caramel
In the advent calendar today: An Almond Chocolate (Mandelstang)

Let's see: I've printed out most of the assignments I've done for each lesson. I've packed the Ajax book and all the slides from the lessons. The semester card is in my wallet. All the mandatory assignments are approved, with flying colors and I've gone through 1.5 of the two previous exams given in this course. I think I'm ready for the Ajax-exam tomorrow. Wish me luck.

You Have a Message

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In the advent calendar yesterday: A Kinder Surprise (Kinderegg)
In the advent calendar today: A Smarties chocolate reindeer

Ok, I admit it. I eventually broke down. Mind you, how could a nerdy boy resist? Take listen to how R2 says: "You got a message, Elf". The sound is now installed on my cell phone, and plays every time you send me an sms.

And maybe you haven't checked out my advent calendar today?

RIP Music Industry

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In the advent calendar yesterday: A Kinder Maxi Bar
In the advent calendar today: A Fox Lemon Toffee

It's common knowledge that the music industry has pretty much been digging their own grave over the past decade. But that things were as bad as this interview with Doug Morris, CEO of Universal Music, shows was a real eye opener for me. In stead of actually trying to get on with a strategy where they can sell music online, they continue their efforts of preventing the "damage" that iTunes and other online retailers do.

Doug MorrisAnother eye opener is that in the 90s, the record companies didn't even try to understand the potential that was in online retail. They didn't even hire people with a clue to help out. How can these people even continue to be in leading positions at their companies? Any CEO in another industry would never have been able to hold on to their job had they not listened to hired experts.

This article really gives you the inside scoop on how the record companies dealt with file sharing. In stead of coming up with a business solution, they in stead decided to start treating all their customers as potential criminals, and do their best to prevent you from being able to listen to the music you paid good money for.

I think this quote from the Wired-interview with Morris really tells it all:

"There's no one in the record industry that's a technologist," Morris explains. "That's a misconception writers make all the time, that the record industry missed this. They didn't. They just didn't know what to do. It's like if you were suddenly asked to operate on your dog to remove his kidney. What would you do?"

Personally, I would hire a vet. But to Morris, even that wasn't an option. "We didn't know who to hire," he says, becoming more agitated. "I wouldn't be able to recognize a good technology person — anyone with a good bullshit story would have gotten past me."

I'm not even sure I'll be sad when we are dancing on the graves of the music industry.

Climate Blog

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In the advent calendar 4 days ago: A sour gummy foot
In the advent calendar 3 days ago: Nothing
In the advent calendar 2 days ago: A sour gummy foot
In the advent calendar 1 day ago: A sour gummy foot
In the advent calendar today: A sour gummy foot

I've been away in Bergen for a few days, and while I got quite a few things to share, it will have to wait.

A short while ago I was asked to blog about the climate changes at rbnett.no, where I'm one of the assigned bloggers, and the result can be read here for those of you who aren't Norwegian impaired.

And don't forget my online advent calendar.

Xmas on Youtube

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In the advent calendar three days ago: A sour gummy foot
In the advent calendar two days ago: A sour gummy foot
In the advent calendar yesterday: A sour gummy foot
In the advent calendar today: A sour gummy foot

A colleague of mine and me ran around in the hallways of my company's headquarters last week and shot material for the IT department's Xmas greeting to the rest of the organisation. We wrote the script, filmed, directed and acted in it together, then he did the editing last weekend. Here's the result. Feedback appreciated:

[Unfortunately I had to delete the video. Our company lawyers were not happy about us using copyrighted music, and since we already are involved in a legal dispute about the music we play on our phone system, they insisted that I remove it. I can fully understand our lawyers position on this, but this is only the last straw of some of the internal resistance we've encountered about the video, so this is the last stunt like this I will pull in my job. At least 600 people in the company got to see it, and we've recieved lots of congratulary messages. Thanks.

Home Alone

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In the advent calendar 5 days ago: A sour gummy foot
In the advent calendar 4 days ago: A sour gummy foot
In the advent calendar 3 days ago: A sour gummy foot
In the advent calendar 2 days ago: A sour gummy foot
In the advent calendar yesterday: A Kinder Santa

I celebrated my first Xmas Eve all alone yesterday. And it was just fine. I started the day with my traditional morning jog. Then I showered before I watched Popelku and after watching the Disney cavalcade (which apart from the Clown of the Jungle ,Chip'n Dale decorating the tree and the camping trip cartoons is insanely boring), I went off to church. Yes, I kid you not.

However, it was an assignment for the local paper, and you can see the online story I did here, and you can see the photos I took at the event here. After this I went home, cooked myself a Xmassy dinner (sosisser, medisterkaker, kålrotstappe, sjysaus og rosenkål) and went for a walk with the dog. Around eight the offspring came down from his grand parents place and opened his presents from me, my parents, his aunt and cousins. I rounded off the evening with finishing the aforementioned article and uploaded the photos before I watched the Snowman.

I had to set my alarm because I had to go to church today as well. The local paper wants a write up about what the priest said in his sermon. And I've got to tell you, being in church makes me in a very foul mood. Yesterday was ok, because the service is held for a bunch of hypocrites that never show their faces at church for the rest of the year, but today it was for the congregation. The kind of butt kissing worshipping that would turn your stomach if it wasn't for the fact that we have to respect delusions so much in this society. I guess the cold ravaging through my body today didn't help my appreciation of the bloody thing very much. It was very good music during the sermon, though, with horns, drums and a choir.

Ok, I'm going to crawl under a blanket now with a huge glass of Pepsi Max by my left hand, a stack of books at my right hand, the laptop on the table, the TV on and the dog on my lap and hope the cold goes away.

PS! The calendar now has all 24 windows opened.

PPS! For those of you, who like me, missed the classic snowball fight and the war between Donald and Chip'n Dale, you can see them here:

That Was 2007

2007-12-31 23:43:15 - 3 comments    |     Archives

Lasse had a good idea on how to sum up ones year, so here goes:

January -> I finally got to go to Lotusphere and wrote several extensive travel reports about what I learned there.
February -> The pathetic piracykillsmusic.com campaign began
March –> Only in hindsight did I realise how close I was to become road kill
April -> I did my first demo recording with new talents
May -> Pet Shop Boys!
June -> Summer started out very nicely in Molde
July -> Tour de Duck Island
August -> My surround amplifier caught fire, and I had real trouble with the repair shop. I also started working at Fame, but didn't blog about it, for some reason.
September -> I visited Doctors Sans Frontiers in Belgium.
October -> Ormen Lange opened, and one of the photos I took ended up as being the photo used for the local paper's calendar that all the subscribers receive for 2008
November -> I finally found my favorite skit ever on youtube
December -> Earlier this autumn I became an in house blogger at rbnett.no, and in December made one of my best blog postings where I rewrote a speech I held at a environment conference earlier this year.

And with that I wish all my readers, friends and foes a very happy New Year!

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