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Field Trip to Doctors Without Borders Day #2

2007-10-03 16:11:25 - 2 comments    |     Archives

My throat felt pretty soar when I woke up, but I convinced myself that it was only because I had been up blogging until two in the morning and went down to the hotel's gym and had a good run and lifted some weights. After a quick breakfast, Karin and I decided to try our luck with a taxi again. With the help of one of the bell boys at the hotel we got a taxi pretty fast, but we felt a bit dejected when the driver pulled out a map to see if he could locate the location of the address we gave him. We started to feel slightly scared when he started driving while still reading the map. More -->

Field Trip to Doctors Without Borders Day #3

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I actually slept for ten hours. Mind you, it was a strange sleep with weird dreams and my soar throat was something that kept creeping in to my dreams. When I woke up it was clear that any exercising was out of the question, so I staggered in to the shower thinking I had 1.5 hours to shower and take in breakfast. I was wrong. When I got out of the shower I found an sms from Karin on my mobile. It said she was waiting in the reception. Turns out that we were going to start an hour earlier today than the day before, so I just had to throw my clothes on and check out in record time.

Then it was time to enter the taxi nightmare. We asked the bellboy to get us a cab that actually accepted credit cards. However, Belgium being the developing country that it is, at least as far as taxis go, it was impossible to get a single taxi that actually accepted credit cards. Because of this I had to walkin out to the rain filled streets of Brussels to find an ATM. The bellboy insisted that it was one just down the street, and sure enough, I found it. The problem was that the door was locked and I had to have an ATM of the same type that the bank that owned the ATM issued to its customers. Our meeting at MSF was to start in ten minutes, and I realised now it was no way in hell that we would be there in time. More -->

Ormen Lange

2007-10-08 00:28:36 - 2 comments    |     Archives

Ormen LangeLast night the opening of production of gas from Norway's second biggest gas field, Ormen Lange, was celebrated with a large multimedia show. The event was free and took place at Aker stadium, the home field for the local soccer team. 12 000 people were there, and while the claims from Hydro that this was "the world's biggest multi media event" is pure bullshit, it was a very cool show. Standing in the middle of an arena surrounded by a 360 degree screen was nifty, and the projections and movies were very well done.

The stageThe musical items were a mixed bag, and it was disappointing to see that when what is arguably Norway's biggest musical export these days, namely the group Röyksopp, entered the stage and did their thing, people started to leave. Apart from Hydro's own items, they were the only act that utilized the 360 degree screen for what it was worth. In addition to this, they had a very nice choreography, and the building storm that suddenly appeared fitted perfectly.

RöyksoppRöyksopp started their performance just after the king had performed the official opening, and the transition was perfect:

Röyksopp also performed two new songs:

Ane BrunPersonally I was there as a photographer for the local paper, but not to take photos of the artists. I was there to take mood photos. Here are some more shots that I took. No matter what one thinks of the exploitation of the gas field, the party was good.

StageEvent starts

Ola KvernbergUFO

Ane BrunA small step...

Look over there


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I've been tagged by Ellen. The rules are:

1) Link to the person who has tagged you
2) Give seven facts about yourself, different things that may be a bit weird
3) Tag seven new people in your blog posting
4) Post a message in the tagged peoples blogs that they have been tagged

7 facts about me:

* Even if I'm a workaholic who has too much to do, I'm really good at put things off so that I work under pressure

* Even though I work out a lot, I sometimes have weeks where I'm just prevented from working doing it, and then I have to pull myself together to get going again

* I really like to read books and comics over again, which only increases the size of my backlog

* I never, ever want to be trapped in the prison family life again

* No matter how many times I've tried, I'm never able to pull off going to bed before midnight. I might be able to do it for a few days before I'm back to my old ways again

* I'm a tits man, but even so, the girl's I usually desire most have small breasts. Go figure

* I almost never watch tv anymore, only recordings or downloads

I tag Bruce Elgort, that's one. Then I tag Warren, that's two. I also tag Annette, that's three. Next up is Lotus Guru, that's four. Then it's Rita, that's five. Did I tag Bruce? Yes, that's six. And Anne is seven...

Not a Star Warrior

2007-10-14 20:43:33 - 2 comments    |     Archives

There's just so much that is wrong with this that I don't know if I should start with the way she works those coreographic moves, the glitter pom-pons she has on her hands, the way she uses the trumpet as a weapon or the way she plays so well in tune. Enjoy. Or not:


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