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Easter Update

2007-04-03 22:34:43 - 1 comments    |     Archives

I've been very quiet in my blog lately, and that's because paid writing assignments are prioritized before unpaid ones. Sorry, that's the harsh reality. I've not only been busy with writing, I've also taken loads of photos during various assignments, and they can all be seen at my flickr account.

In other news:

- I tricked Line in to believing that Ruby were having puppies as an April fools joke

- I had my photo taken by Erik a few days ago
Picture of ego

- I've just finished packing and Håkon and I are living for Fauske tomorrow morning. Five days of Easter holiday. I'm planning on skiing, meeting good friends and getting a lot of reading done. I'll even try to get some blog postings that I've started on finished.

Have a nice one, folks!

A Review of Easter

2007-04-08 23:12:05 - 0 comments    |     Archives

Easter can be summed up like this:

- Because of really, really crappy weather, this didn't turn in to the cabin holiday, long ski trips under sunny skies included, I was hoping for. My dad and I went up to the cabin on Good Friday and rescued the food and while the snow storm made me feel alive, it wasn't anything to bring the kids up to.

- Lots of good food have been consumed. Have put on weight.

- Was visited by and visited old friend from who goes way back (all the way back to 1978)

- Visited online friends, who a couple of times a year become real life friends (thanks for all the beer!)

- Took the kids for a ski trip today, so that the fare I had to pay for bringing our skiing equipment with us wasn't paid in vain

- Got to work out for free yesterday at Friskhuset

- Didn't get half as much reading done as I would've liked

- Holding my fingers crossed for Lisa-Mari Moen Jünge in tomorrows final in Miss Norway:
Mosaic of Lisa-Mari Moen Jünge

Lisa-Mari Moen Jünge is Miss Norway

2007-04-10 00:39:01 - 0 comments    |     Archives

Bloody hell! She actually won!

Congrats! I shouldn't really care, but I really think this is very... well... cool!

Kadra is Killing Islam

2007-04-13 23:51:07 - 1 comments    |     Archives

Kadra is a Norwegian-Somali woman who a few years ago via hidden camera revealed that Imams in Norway were lying when they said that they opposed mutilation of the female genitalia. In fact, they more than encouraged it, they made arrangements so that they could be done. Of course, a lot of Islamic people reacted in a very predictable manner. They made threats towards Kadra, even death threats, and called her names that most people who believe in primitive things like pride and honor would find seriously offensive.

You see, the problem wasn't that good Muslims mutilated their women. The problem was that someone opposed it, not to mention revealed that the Imams were in good Islamic tradition lying to the infidels. The trouble in Norway is that a lot of people think Muslims are like children, that they shouldn't be agitated or provoked. Therefore we can't criticise them or their faith. The drawings of Muhammad, for example, were unwise they said. So when Kadra now challenged the Imam sto re-interpret the Quran so that women no longer should be excluded as much as they are now, spokesMEN of leading Muslim organisations in Norway are saying that this wasn't a wise thing to say. One of them even said that Kadra might have a nice face and a great body, but one couldn't change the Quran, which was the word of god, just because a woman said so.

Last night Kadra was beaten up in the street by a gang, in a very cowardly manner. I'm sure the people who did it are the same people talking about pride and honour. According to Kadra, the person who first hit her had said that back in Somalia, she would have been killed. My suggestion is that said person place himself on the first plane back to Somalia if he wants to live in a backwater country that is centuries behind us. After the attack, the spokesman who commented Kadra's looks the day before, said that violence to defend a religion was not the right thing to do. I'm sorry, but ganging up on a woman is not defending a religion. It's downright assault!

My thoughts on Islam have changed considerably over the last two years via discussions with people online, blogs, articles and several good books. I strongly suggest that people read the following books: Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Which Koran?: Variants, Manuscripts and the Influence of Pre-islamic Poetry by Ibn Warraq. If you can, please watch Richard Dawkins' brilliant Root of All Evil.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not one of those who thinks that Muslims will take over the West and that we should start exporting them back where they came from (quite a few Muslims are from the West anyway). I'm not worried, because what we're seeing are the death throes of a dying religion. Islam is an oxymoron in a modern world. It has absolutely no chance of survival when faced with reason, science and logic. Why else would they try to silence their critics? If they were secure about their beliefs, they would welcome criticism and resistance, and find a way to overcome it. Instead they try to silence, and even kill, their critics, and by that they only gather even more resistance towards themselves. Islam is killing itself, and I can't say that I'm unhappy it does.

Especially Erik Naggum who has given me valuable input.

Hang Over

2007-04-17 23:46:49 - 2 comments    |     Archives

- Are you alright?

I wake up with a startle. Why is someone in my room? And why is the sun shining so strong through my curtains? I feel this strange pain in my neck as well, and my cheek is totally numb. My sinuses are throbbing as I slowly open my eyes. It's like I've got fog inside my head, but it slowly dawns on me that I'm not in my bed. I'm laying face down on my balcony, both arms down at my sides. The only thing separating me from the hard wooden boards is the green rug that covers my entire balcony floor. More -->


2007-04-24 23:30:51 - 0 comments    |     Archives

The wonderful Jules has commended me for my portraying young talent in such a positive way. So I decided to raise the bar one notch.

VictomIn February I was at the local UKM in Molde, taking photos for the local paper. UKM is a gig where young talent is given a chance to show their stuff, be it dance acts, songs, paintings, monologues, skits or what have you. One musical act really stood out from the rest. Two young girls, aged 15 and 16, came on stage with a guitar each and did a beautiful duet which made my hairs on my arms and in my neck stand on end. Goosebumps galore! They made it as far as the county finals, the last finale before the national finale.

I immediately contacted them after the show and told them that I also did freelance work for the radio and that I wanted them to come to the studio so we could record a demo that I would shop around to people that I know within the business. And today we went to the studio of 1FM and recorded a very basic demo. Still, the message comes across. The song is beautiful, their voices match and they certainly know how to handle their guitars.

My good friend Stian graciously gave up his evening to be studio technician, mixer and producer. Guess my role in all this should be called executive producer. I will also promote them, starting as of now!

I would love to get feedback from the readers of this blog as well. The track "Forgiven" is now available for download.

Leave Them Girls Alone

2007-04-26 21:33:28 - 3 comments    |     Archives

Feminist blogs are today filled to the brim about the latest survey done in Norway that allegedly shows that Norwegian men are pigs who think that women have themselves to blame if they're sexually harassed, raped or live in a relationship with domestic violence.

I've visited at least ten blogs today, and just one (1) of them commented on the attack on Kadra two weeks ago. I seriously wonder why the Norwegian left and feminists continuously avoid discussing problems related to female immigrants or descendants thereof, while jumping on any chance to show that ethnically Norwegian men are holding them down.

Now, let me comment on the numbers to show you that the situation isn't all that bad. More -->

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