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Natalie Portman Kicks Me in the Groin

2006-03-05 22:48:07 - 1 comments    |     Archives

It's no secret that the mere mentioning of Natalie Portman's name turns me in to a drooling love sick fan boy, and last night she hosted Saturday Night Live. Boy did she give me and other Star Wars nuts a kick in the...well...nuts in the opening monologue. Also watch out for the guy towards the end of the clip who asks about the Professional.

And to top that, she decided to take a mother fuckin' ass whooping confrontation with her sweet goody good image.

Update #2: I've finally found a new site which is hosting both the videos. I've updated the links in the text above! Enjoy!

A Flickr of a Secret

2006-03-06 14:15:58 - 0 comments    |     Archives

There are times when you discover the secret behind things you like or admire and afterwards you feel very disillusioned and even cheated. The masterful riff in your favourite song was blatantly stolen and copied from a song you've never heard of, the "loosely based on"-story you just read should have written the word "loosely" in capital letters, a brilliant invention was stumbled upon by accident or your birth was just a result of the condom that burst.

However, the secret behind the best service on the web ever, was just adorable. Flickr revealed here.

Selfless Self Promo

2006-03-08 15:52:29 - 0 comments    |     Archives

I've done a major photo upload to my flickr account. Enjoy.

Elf Bruker Kreften

2006-03-10 09:41:13 - 0 comments    |     Archives

Kreft har rammet min familie hardt. To av mine besteforeldre,, flere av min fars søsken og flere lenger ut i familien har dødd av det.

Denne sykdommen har vist seg å være en av de største utfordringene for legevitenskapen det siste århundret. Flere og flere blir reddet fra døden pga den medisinske forskningen som har blitt gjort. I dag er sjansen stor for å overleve leukemi f.eks. Det er ikke mange årene siden at det betød din dødsdom å få den type kreft. Kanskje er du med på å redde ditt eget liv, eller til noen av dine nærmeste, med å gi penger. Forskning nytter.

Jeg har startet en nettinnsamling for Kreftforeningens Krafttak mot kreft og jeg håper at du vil støtte den. Nå overlever mer enn halvparten av dem som rammes av kreft. Forskning er vårt fremste våpen i kampen mot kreft. Pengene som samles inn vil gå til kreftforskning, relatert til menn.

I uke 10 besøker Kreftforeningens bøssebærere husstander over hele landet som en del av innsamlingen under årets Krafttak mot kreft. Nå kan også du være bøssebærer på Internett ved å starte en egen nettbøsse.

Gi penger i min nettbøsse her.

Mullah Krekar

2006-03-15 01:05:05 - 3 comments    |     Archives

We have a minor terrorist leader in Norway who goes by the name Mullah Krekar. Norwegian authorities have been trying to throw him out of the country for quite some time now, and even if the courts have decided that he should be out on his rear, he's still here. Krekar claims his life is in danger if he returns to his beloved Iraq, despite the fact that he has returned there on several occasions without any problems in the past decade. And since he now lives in a civilized country, he can't be shipped out as Norway generally doesn't send people to their death.

Yesterday Krekar was quoted in most Norwegian media from an interview where he once again claims Islam is in a war against the West. But he's not worried, you see. Because Islam is going to win! Islam is right and the West is wrong, according to Krekar. He then hails Osama Bin Laden as a great hero and goes on about the fact that religious conviction is going to win over our democratic rights and personal freedom. Not to mention that Islamic women are doing so much fucking compared to Western women that Europe will be 30% Islamic by 2050.

It's ironic that the freedoms and rights this country, and the rest of the West has, the very same freedom Krekar is mocking in this interview, are excactly what prevents us from shipping him back to his peers where they can cut him in to little pieces and then kill him. As a friend of mine said: "In Krekar's case, we should make an exception."

A Well Spent Sunday?

2006-03-19 23:32:40 - 0 comments    |     Archives

Today I've done the following:

I'm not sure if I should feel good about this, or if I should feel that I've wasted an entire Sunday...


2006-03-21 11:35:44 - 0 comments    |     Archives

In Norway the National Health Institute has been fighting the clock in trying to find the source for several cases of E. coli infections that have resulted in kidney failure among several children. After a couple of dead ends it seems like they've located that the slaughterhouse where the bacteria has infested several types of sausage.

Of course, the health fanatics and veggies have been all over themselves to cry out about the dangers of eating meat and to let us know that this is the result of the "unnatural way we run our agriculture." Turns out that the source of the bacteria most likely is from a certain type of spice used in the sausages. Spice coming from a plant grown in what is called "natural and ecological agriculture."

Even if the culprit isn't the spice, I still wonder when all these people who live what they call a "natural life style" will realise that the days they are longing for are the days when life expectancy for the average male was half of what it is today. Wake up and smell the coffee, folks! Oh, sorry. I meant, "wake up and smell the grown on natural cow shit and without the use of pesticide so that you can drink all of nature's filth while feeling good about yourself"-coffee.

Work Out Guide For Dummies

2006-03-28 13:44:18 - 4 comments    |     Archives

While spending several years at the gym I've been observing the people who are there to work out and managed to profile them in to six different categories:

The panic guy
He's a guy in his fifties who's either been told by his doctor to shape up or he has suddenly realized that he can't see his dick anymore. This leads to him starting an exercising program that is three times harder than what his body can take. As a result of this he walks around with a sweat soaked shirt that is so tight that his enormous beer gut makes him look pregnant. It's one of those sights that are so morbid that you can't help yourself. You just have to watch, unable to look away. I'll never understand how someone can have such a huge stomach and still have no fat on the sides or over their thighs. In addition he will be wearing bicycle shorts! Of all the disgusting pieces of clothing that are invented, this is by far the worst of them. I don't think I'll need to go in to detail about all the details that are showing when you wear them... More -->

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