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Guilty Pleasures

2006-10-01 23:59:40 - 14 comments    |     Archives

A friend of mine and I sat over a couple (read: about ten) beers a few days ago and discussed guilty pleasures. A guilty pleasure is a song that you're afraid to admit that you like. It's one of those songs that it's not politically correct to like, or maybe it's politically correct to hate it. When you put it on you make sure all your windows and doors are shut and some people even put up the blinds so that no one will spot what they're up to. And if you're lucky, one day someone will decide that it's ok to like the song again, and you can proudly beat yourself on the chest and say that you've always liked it. You were just too much of a coward to admit it. Kind of like all the Abba-fans that went in to hiding up until 1993...

After discussing this, we started to admit to each other which songs from this cesspool we liked, and after ridiculing each other and claiming that all our credibility was thrown out of the window, I came up with this list:

Foreigner - I Want to Know What Love is
Genesis - Land of Confusion
Spice Girls - Viva Forever and Who Do You Think You Are
Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out of My Head
Technotronic - Pump up the Jam
Vapors - I Think I'm Turning Japanese
Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance
Reo Speedwagon - Keep on Loving You
Paula Abdul - Straight Up
Michael Cretu - Samurai
Sandra - Hey, Little Girl
Mike and the Mechanics - Silent Running
Dexy Midnight Runners - Come on Eileen
Men at Work - Down Under
A-ha - Take on Me
Howard Jones - What is Love
Mental as Anything - Live it Up
Leo Sayer - The Show Must Go On
Toto - Africa

Those where the ones I mentioned that night. I'm sure there are more. Ok, go ahead and ridicule me. Or even better: Make your own list and post it here or in your own blog. In fact, I challenge Lasse, Ellen, Stian and Rocky to come up with their own lists.

Muhammad Cartoons

2006-10-06 11:01:17 - 0 comments    |     Archives

These days, people are blogging, discussing and debating those bloody Muhammad caricatures again. Unfortunately the discussion is mostly about whether it was right to print the drawings or not. This is a type of question that seriously scares me, and I would rather turn it around.

Was it right of imams from Denmark to travel to the Middle-East and spread lies about what had been printed (they brought with them false drawings as well as drawings from a French newspaper that had nothing to do with the Danish caricatures) while also claiming that the Norwegian papers only print what the government tells them to?

Is it right that said imams still claim that printing pictures of Muhammad is a sin, when it's quite common to have pictures of Muhammad in streets, on your dash boards and within Muslim homes?

Is it right that 14 editors in Muslim countries still are jailed because they printed some of the drawings?

Is it right that a group of fanatics from a religious minority of one billion(!) people feel that as long as their feelings are hurt, they can pretty much kill people, threaten nations and commit vandalism and still tell their victims to apologise?

Is it right that the Norwegian foreign minister apologises for the fact that Norwegian newspapers have used their freedom of speech?

Is it right that we've already begun to censor ourselves since we are convinced that Muslims aren't rational human beings? At least that's the only explanation I can find when American and European papers are reluctant to even touch upon this case and when a classic opera in Germany was cancelled because it might have been offensive to Muslims. I would like to have seen an opera do that for a performance that might have been offensive to Christians. No, I wouldn't, really.

Shitty Day

2006-10-10 17:12:01 - 3 comments    |     Archives

According to my doctor, my Crohn's disease is not acting up again, but he agreed to examine me further after my annual stomach check up when I told him that I have severe stomach aches after every single meal (apart from breakfast) and that every time I go to the toilet I spend half of the toilet paper in the western hemisphere. So tomorrow I will receive a colonoscopy, which means they shove a hose with a camera up my ass and take a look inside me. This isn't exactly pleasant, but you get to watch on a tv screen and get to see your self from the inside, and I personally find that very interesting. (No, don't worry, I won't digitize it and upload it here.)

However, today has been anything but fun. I've not been allowed to eat all day, and in about one hour, I will drink 240ml of Phosphoral, which means that the rest of the night will be spent in severe cramps over the toilet. Think of me, will you?

Blowing My Trumpet

2006-10-12 23:56:34 - 2 comments    |     Archives

As some of you probably know already, in addition to working as a system developer, I'm also a freelance composer, photographer, web developer, actor and DJ, but first and foremost, I do a lot of freelance writing. This includes working as a journalist and today I actually made the front page of the local rag:

The item can be found online too (Norwegian only, and I did NOT come up with the headline), and Magne Strømmen, the kid I'm interviewing, can be found on YouTube. I seriously urge you to see his spice test. It's really funny.

You can see the front page picture in all it's glory here and the picture that accompanied the article inside the analogue version the paper can be seen here.

In and Out

2006-10-23 23:47:20 - 1 comments    |     Archives

After finding out that what used to be the pair of shoes I wore for nice occasions, but which I have been using as regular outdoor shoes after my autumn/early winter shoes literally fell to pieces, were sucking in water, I decided it was time to get myself new shoes. And since I still hadn't used up my birthday money from my parents I went off the to a shoe store.

I went straight up to the young attractive girl that was rearranging the shoes in a discount isle and the following conversation took place:

-I need a pair of water resistant shoes for autumn and early winter use
-Ok, sound likes you need Gore Tex shoes.
-Could be.
-Well, we got these great shoes they are on half price this week. Down from 1600 to 800.
-Great, have you got them in size 9?
-Yup, here you go.
-(ten seconds later) Perfect fit. I'll take'em. Put my old shoes in a plastic bag, please.
-(laughter) Wow.
-That's the way I like my shopping. In and out. Just like that.
-(while walking to the counter) Yeah, me too.
-Yeah. (laughing) Are you always this fast?
-Let's say I'm very efficient
-I can believe it. Here's your receipt and your old shoes. In and out, eh?

In and out. There's no better way to do it.

The Storm

2006-10-28 01:42:28 - 0 comments    |     Archives

It's the first time in days I feel ok, and I should rest. But in stead I'm running up the mountain during the first winter storm. I just have to get it all out. All the bad thoughts and negativity that has penetrated my mind for days. It's been building up inside me and because of my stomach aches I had no way to let my inner storm loose. Sitting in front of the computer waiting for the bowel cramps to pass, or lying in bed at night while desperately yearning for sleep because it boils in your intestines, makes you useless for anything but sick leave. And that frustrates me to no end. Finally things have been taking off creatively and assignments were pouring in, and then my stomach makes it impossible to even do my day job right. I never know which days will be good and which ones that will be bad. It's not fair!

The hail storm hits my face so hard that it hurts. I don't care and push myself harder to go faster up the steep hill leading to the dam. It was snowing last night and my feet constantly loose their grip in the snow covering the trail. The phone call yesterday morning was just so unexpected. You had died during the night. It's only been four weeks since you told me about the cancer. Only four weeks since you found out yourself. They had offered you a choice, you said. You could live for a year with treatment that would make you sick, or live five months and die quickly. You opted for the latter but your heart gave in before the rest of your body did, and took your unborn child with you. It's not fair!

I feel my anger rising up. It melts in with the frustrations about my own illness and I feel a twitch of guilt because I feel sorry for myself. The storm is so hard now it seems I'm not even moving. It's like one of those dreams where you try to run and discover that you don't know how to even walk anymore. I'm tired, but I will reach that dam, no matter what. Air currents are wailing in to my ears and my long hair flaps like a flag in the wind. "I'm really sorry that I feel this way," I told her on the phone. "But all I can do is to be honest." It's not fair!

I'm almost there, but I'm not running anymore. I've come in to what feels like a blizzard, and the wind is so strong that even if I push my feet so hard they burn in pain, I'm not able to do anything but walk against it. I see only white. You're engaged. I should handle it better. I would have handled it better if it had come at another time. It's not fair!

I reach my goal and I thrown myself down on the concrete slab in front of the little house at the dam, and in a desperate attempt to have some shelter from the wind, I press myself against the wall. I'm on all fours. Breath heaving. I'm exhausted. Then the storm inside of me escapes. I'm crying like I haven't done for decades. It's the kind of crying I didn't know I was capable of, like the type of exaggerated crying you see in the movies. My own storm battles with the snowstorm and it just goes on and on.

"Are you alright?"

I raise my head and I see and orange figure in front of me.

"Did you fall? Are you sick?"

I get up and wipe my face. A man in orange overalls is standing in front of me. His hood is hiding most of his face but I can see that he's very puzzled.

"I came here to check the drains before the winter, and I saw you lying there. I thought you were sick or something."

I smile at him. "No, I'm alright now. Thanks."

I start running down the hill and after a few meters I turn around and wave at him. He looks very confused. I continue down the trail and I no longer curse the hail and snow. I did what I set out to do today. My storm is over and I'm ready again to take on whatever the world throws at me. I'm fit for fight!

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