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It's been quiet here for a while, and that's not because I haven't got anything I want to get off my chest and in to my blog. In fact I've got at least three blog postings lined up. But I've just been too busy to prioritize blogging.

My schedule has pretty much looked like this for the past three weeks:

Writing Skits

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Yesterday everything just clicked. It was one of those moments that explain why I do so much script writing. Leif brought only an idea for a skit to our writers group's meeting. It was a vague idea involving the use of traditional Norwegian fairy tales to make fun of the county's indecision of weather building a bridge or not. Shortly we all started throwing out ideas. I began writing and we constantly went through it over and over to refine it, reject some ideas and throw in new ones. It was exhilarating when we discovered that we actually had something here. Everybody just felt that this was a great idea that was evolving in to a great skit.

I love moments like that. When you are being creative by feeding on each other's energy. Ideas are thrown out in to the air and caught by someone who puts them through a cheese grater, and when it emerges on the other side someone slices it up while a third person melts it and puts in to the rest of the food. Then together you provide the spice and side order.

I remember the pizza and writing nights we did on the student's revues back in the 90s. I was the director and responsible for coming up with the material, and sometimes I would scribble skit ideas on various pieces of paper, split us up in to groups and let each group work on them. Then we gathered together and went through the magic cheese grating process. Magic and luck is most of the time the result of hard work and dedication. And having fun while doing it.

Mind you, in two months time I will be doing a blog posting where I tell you that the brilliant skit from last night has been dropped a long time ago. But until then, let me just revel in satisfaction, ok?

Not a Newspaper

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Lasse has written an item in his blog where he questions the credibility of online newspapers in Norway. This of course means that Lasse assumes that they've got some sort of credibility to begin with, which I'm sorry to say that they don't. The main problem is that in Norway, newspapers are made for the lowest common denominator, while in for example the US, newspapers are made for the intelligentsia, those with a higher education and who are above average when it comes to being interested in politics, science and society in general. Norway hasn't got one single newspaper of the same calibre and quality as NY Times for instance.

Because of this, the only people who want to write for these publications are people with little or no education. I think you have to do a thorough search through VG's staff to find someone with a degree in journalism, let alone a degree in anything. I'm not saying that a degree makes you smart, but it's quite obvious in the way these journalists angle their pieces that they haven't got a clue about basic mathematics, physics or even their native language. And very often journalists manage to come off as incredibly stupid.

Analogue newspapers are struggling in Norway at the moment. All of them are seeing their readership dwindle before their eyes, and some people have taken this as a sign that readers are tired of sloppy journalism. I seriously think that's not the case. Every time I read the comments sections to the articles, one of their polls or the list of today's most read articles, or I've by mistake have somehow surfed in on one of their discussion groups, I realise that lowest common denominator are also cheap bastards who'd rather read the paper online for free than to buy them at the newsstand.

Lasse also makes a great point about the types of articles that the reporters write. It's very clear that they've become experts at making much a do about nothing, especially if they see an opportunity to make a poll or discussion about the subject. How often haven't you seen annoying headlines for a stupid piece where the journalist's intention is only this, and nothing else? But as Lasse points out, more clicks mean more advertisers and more money.

On the other hand I might just be putting my foot in my mouth here and come off just a stupid as Norwegian journalists. But this is a blog, designed for just that. It's not a newspaper.

Can I Have Another Piece of Marzipan Cake

2005-10-20 10:08:40 - 2 comments    |     Archives

Not only is this dimwit of a prick stupid enough to throw a cake at the current Minister of Finance, he is also enough of an imbecile to let himself be interviewed about it. If I were an employer I would take a note of his name so that if I ever received an application from him I would immediately maculate it. *

In case we hadn't already understood how utterly low this guy's intelligence level is, he goes on saying that he just can't understand what all the fuzz is about. How thick can you get? I feel my blood pressure reach dangerously high levels just reading about it. If I were the reporter I probably would've smacked him around a bit before blowing his brains out with a gun. Considering his deeds and statements I doubt that there would be much of a mess to clean up afterwards. In these days were politicians have to live with death threats, not to mention the increased use of terrorist activity, and this nincompoop doesn't understand that what he did was insanely stupid? Well, thank you very much, you wanker! As if the politicians weren't already unavailable enough as it is.

He claims he did it because he thinks having a Minister of Finance will be damaging to the country. I'll admit that the last party I thought would get that post would be a representative from the socialists, but I will remind people that the Minister of Environment from the conservatives actually received praise from environmental organisations. So stranger things have happened.

I wonder how this guy would feel if someone ran after him to throw an unknown object at him. It must have been a really unpleasant experience for said politician. I hope the police fine him so much that he won't be able to afford any cakes in the future.

* = If I ever received an application from someone educated at BI or NHH I would probably maculate it anyway, but I digress.

The Rough Guide to Sci-Fi Movies

2005-10-21 12:26:26 - 1 comments    |     Archives

Stian has challenged me to do a sci-fi movie meme. John Scalzi has written a book called "The Roug Guide to Sci-Fi Movies" where he has chosen what he thinks are the defining sci-fi movies. The point is to put the titles of the movies you've seen in bold. More -->

Avinor and Norwegian Air Traffic Controllers Up Against the Wall

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Let me just start by saying the first people against the wall when the revolution comes and I'm in charge will be Norwegian air traffic controllers and their employer, Avinor. Last Friday they did what must be the third demonstration that air traffic control does to protest against the plans of moving their HQ to Sola. Ok, I'll go along with the fact that it's an insane idea, especially since their HQ at Røyken is brand new and cost billions of crowns, but the decision has been made. Either deal with it or quit your jobs. Do not act like pussies! More -->

Glemte Minner

2005-10-29 23:56:16 - 2 comments    |     Archives

Vi tørnet ut i mørket. Syngende. Skrålende. Vi var i lykke- og diverse andre former for rus. Noen ropte at de hadde hatt en åpenbaring. Andre at de hadde møtt Gud. Thomas og jeg klemte hverandre og den ene støttet den andre i holka og sørpa utenfor Valhall. Studentkroa var fylt opp til randen av folk hvor De Lillos hadde holdt to konserter på en og samme dag. Thomas og jeg hadde som privilegerte mediefolk fått med oss begge to. Den første i edru reportertilstand, og den andre på en stadig stigende rus av øl, ungdom, stemning og musikk. Vi hadde begge sneket oss backstage og plaget bandet med vår nesegruse beundring av det nirvana de hadde servert oss på scenen. Og nå var det ut i studentukas vinternatt i et fåfengt forsøk på å ikke miste dette øyeblikket.

Elleve år senere står jeg i Moldes storstue og ser samme bandet, pluss en ekstra gitarist og keyboardist, stå på scenen. Lettere beruset, ja, men atskillig mer tilmålt i mitt engasjement i forhold til tidligere tider. Jeg leter, via venn som jobber hos nummeropplysning, etter nummeret til Thomas. Ingen treff. I tilfelle han har glemt ville jeg minne han på om den natten.

Jeg synger med, tramper takten, klapper og jubler. Med senket blikk betrakter jeg den pogende massen som beveger seg der. Et sted der inne er vi, Thomas og jeg. Det er ikke mulig å se oss, men i det jeg tar nok en slurk øl tenker jeg at det gjør ingenting. I dette øyeblikk er det ingen andre plasser jeg vil være enn akkurat her hvor jeg står nå. Øyeblikket vil gå over, men om elleve år skal jeg finne nummeret mitt, sende en sms og spørre meg selv om jeg husker det.

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