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Xenu Is Spamming

2004-08-03 13:17:44 - 1 comments    |     Archives

It's surprising how little I've written about scientology in my blog, but after reading Arve's posting about receiving spam from them I decided the time was ripe. Just the fact that they're spamming people should be a hint that they are an organisation one should avoid like the plague. More -->

Friday Review: This is Stina Nordenstam

2004-08-06 10:55:29 - 0 comments    |     Archives

Phew! It's Friday again? I've been spending the whole week at work in Bergen and I'm amazed how fast the week has flown. Today I will be going home to Line, Håkon and Ruby. Yipee! While waiting for people at work I wrote this week's review. Enjoy.

A Conversation

2004-08-09 15:03:53 - 2 comments    |     Archives

- So I'm in this wedding, right?

- Yes, you told me. Kinda shocking. You being in a church, I mean.

- Yeah, yeah, but I had to go. After all I was invited to their wedding, and I was the toastmaster and everything.

- Right.

- So anyway, we've seated ourselves and we're just waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle.

- A tender moment.

- Yeah, and suddenly my stomach tells me in no uncertain terms that if I don't find a toilet now, the dry claning I had done on my suit the day before would have been in vain.

- Well, sometimes one just has to go.

- Tell me about it. So I'm running down the aisle, probably looking like Donald Duck on speed, while desperately holding myself for dear life.

- Shit

- Excactly. So I find the toilet by the entrance and throw myself on it, unzipping my pants so fast my shadow had to catch up, and my ass start a concert that I'm sure could be heard all the way to the altar.

- One of those kebab symphonies, right?

- Worse. Anyway, when the storm has calmed I'm getting ready for some serious ass wiping.

- Oh, we're talking about an Eddie Murphy wipe?

- Yeah, the "then you wipe your ass for four hours" feeling

- And afterwards you feel like you won't be able to sit for a week. I hope they had soft toilet paper.

- That's just it. There was no toilet paper left on the roll.

- Christ!

- In fact, Christ did come to my aid.

- Hu?

- There I was on the toilet, frantically spinning my head round like I was auditioning for "the Excorsist," to see if I could find even leftovers of the remains of a roll of toilet paper.

- And? Divine intervention?

- You could be saying that. As I lifted my head and looked to the right of me, I found a shelf with reading material. Not the basic reading material you might find in your bathroom at home like comics and Playboy, but a book of hymns and a bible...

- Oh no!

- Oh yes! Today that bible is missing the four testaments and the beginning of Johannes' Revelations.

The Muslim Problem

2004-08-11 11:45:36 - 0 comments    |     Archives

Muslims in Norway are currently walking from door to door in the hopes of gathering 15 000 signatures that they can send to Parliament in an attempt to make it easier to convict people after the blasphemy paragraph. First of all I find it insane that we in this modern day and age still have that paragraph. The dark ages are over, people should be allowed to say whatever they want. If I want to say "God sucks goat cocks in Hell" I should be able to say so. If I want to say that Muhammad screwed sheep and raped women, I should be allowed to do so without worrying about being imprisoned or being killed by an angry religious person. More -->

Hung Over

2004-08-15 20:15:09 - 0 comments    |     Archives

For those of you who wonder where this week's Friday Review went, I've got only one excuse: Håkon and I are on holiday visiting my parents and sister and his cousins in the town where I grew up. We're not going back until next Friday, so I don't think I will blog much before then, but who knows.

Last night was spent out on the town with my sister and her friends. I've never been out drinking with my sister before, and we had a fantastic time. Today on the other hand hasn't been too good for me personally. Going to bed four in the morning while being on a high and still raising is not a good idea. Thanks to the powers that be that I've got parents who don't mind looking after their grand children.

Hmm, after an hour of surfing I've concluded that my dad's connection is pretty fast. Maybe I will do some blogging and updating after all. Right now I'm going to take a few painkillers and then proceed with making dinner for the rest of the family. It's the third nitght in a row. It's so wonderfull to be around people who don't mind me cooking big dinners for them. The ones at home are a bit...errm...picky. Tonight: Pasta and chicken filet in a cream sauce with potato salad and woked vegetables with creme fraiche. I think it's going to be delicious, but I'm not sure I'm up for eating any of it, or anything else for that matter...

Autumn Leaves

2004-08-22 21:45:10 - 0 comments    |     Archives

Well, I'm back in the game again, or will be, tomorrow. I still have 8 vacation days left, but I'm not sure if I will take them now or move them over to next year. All I know is that my autumn depression is back. The leaves are already turning yellow and some have even begun covering the ground. Fuck! Soon they will all cover the ground, and we will enter the crummy season. Four months of snow, rain, rain, snow, rain, cold, rain, snow and so on ad infinitum. Boy, it's good that I've got a positive outlook on things...

To top it all, my car broke down today. The radiator decided to start leaking and of course my engine stopped working. It's now parked outside the garage and I will have to go up there tomorrow to let them estimate the costs, which, knowing my car, will be astronomical. Fuck!

On a positive note, me and my so just saw Alt for Egil. Two things: 1) It's so great to see that you can make feel good movies in Norway after three decades of depressing and self important drab pieces of crap that should never have been put on celuiloid. 2) It's also great to see that we now have Norwegian movie stars that make people flock to the movies just by having their name on the billboard. Oh, btw, the movie was good.

On another positive note I just spent 8 days at my parents place. Håkon and his cousins went along well, I got to cook dinner for my parents and I got to meet quite a few old acquaintances, friends and fellow bloggers. Our offspring got to play together and even if things got out of hand at one point, they both wanted to do it again someday. And just so that you all know, he is cute as hell.

Big thanks to mum and dad for providing for us, for babysitting and for generally being the best there is. And thanks to my sister for being her, she's great.

Tune back in tomorrow, when I will treat you to a new quote of the week, a new play list and an update on my reading progress and of course come Friday I will once again serve you a new review. I also have quite a few blog postings inside of me waiting to get out, and I will hatch them during the following days. See ya!

Hell Hotel

2004-08-23 15:50:38 - 1 comments    |     Archives

I actually saw the final of Paradise Hotel on TV2 this Saturday. The last time I saw an episode, I got ideas for at least four skits in less than an hour but this time watching it only produced puzzlement. More -->

Kjre NRK

2004-08-24 13:38:02 - 2 comments    |     Archives

Hogne Bø Pettersen
Skrenten 33 F
6411 MOLDE

8607 Mo i Rana


I forrige uke gav jeg dere 915 kroner og 6 øre av mine hardt tjente penger. Disse pengene ble betalt under den forutsetningen at dere skal levere et produkt som er både reklamefritt, variert og uavhengig. Disse vilkårene bryter dere flere ganger om dagen for tiden og jeg vil derfor ha returnert pengene mine snarest. Kontonummeret mitt er xxxx.xx.xxxxx.

Vennlig hilsen
Hogne Bø Pettersen

Kopi: Lagt ut i min blogg på http://www.elfworld.org/

New Additions to the Family

2004-08-25 13:32:35 - 0 comments    |     Archives

If you follow the Family-link in the menu, you will find that in the sub-menu the name Bobby is now replaced with Patsy & Nusse.

After Bobby died of old age at the end of April 2004, we decided to get a new hamster when the summer was over. After a visit to the pet store one hamster became two, so on 21st of August 2004 our family increased with two new members. Patsy & Nusse was a month old when we got them, and they are sisters from the same pack.

When we put them in their cage it was clear that Patsy was the daring explorer while Nusse was more quiet and shy. Patsy roamed around the cage and started exploring her surroundings right away while her sister watched from under a tree root that she rarely left for the first twenty four hours.

Now they've both settled in quite nicely and we're making sure to talk to them every day so that they can first get used to our voices before we try to teach them the difference between a finger and food. When they've learned that we will get them used to being handled.

Nusse is no longer so cautious, but she hasn't quite got the hang of the wheel yet. She doesn't understand that she can't stop running when she is halfway up on one side of it and that this will make her fall down on the other side after the wheel has stopped turning with her clinging on to it for dear life. It's kinda fun to watch, though. There are also times when the two of them can't agree on who's turn it is to use the wheel, which at times has caused one of them to go flying out of it when the other one starts running.

So far they have decided not to use the house we provided for them. In stead they sleep under the blanket that covers the bottom of the cage. Bobby also used to do this in the beginning, so we've got no worries. They eat well, though, and carrots are by the looks of it quite yummy.

More pictures:

Sorry for the rather crappy pictures, but at this stage we don't want to handle them and these critters are so fast that taking pictures is a hard task.

In addition to all this, Shelob came out of her cave last night after her long awaited molt. She now shines in a black, blue and purle tone and looks beautiful. All I need now is for the level of ammonia in my fish tank to decrease enough to start feeding the fish again. Then everything will be all right with the zoo.

I Am a Camera

2004-08-26 16:02:51 - 0 comments    |     Archives

Memories, how they fade so fast
Look back, that is no escape
Tied down, now you see too late.
Lovers, they will never wait.
I am a camera

I'm on the ice cold floor in my old bed room, wading through some papers my mother has asked me to go through. What started out as a job where I would mostly throw away school letters, tax papers, army letters and various DJ-contracts has become a journey back in time.

A postcard from my grand parents, I don't even remember it, tells of a journey they made and how they look forward to see me that summer. The stamp is dated 1976. I lived in Tromsø at that time, barely four years old. I close my eyes to develop pictures from that time, most of them imagined I suppose, and I can even smell the sand in my sand box outside of Hans Nielsens Vei 17.

Take heart, I could never let you go
And you, always let the feeling show
Love us all, how you never broke your heart
How you lose them
If you feel the feeling start.
I am a camera

Did Mindy and I really send this many letters to each other? I've put away the post cards and have opened a big envelope containing letter upon letter with Mindy's hand writing. I smirk to myself when I think of all the weird letters I sent her. I wonder how her Norwegian skills are holding up these days. I want to you to know, Mindy, that your letters really held me up during my days in the army. Wish I could tell you today, and that we could continue our friendship. Certain people have promised to give me your email address, but so far, no luck. I close my eyes. Click There you are at the disco. Click There we have our long talks through the night over a portion of your delicious chocolate chip cookies. Click Here I'm reading your letter. Click And on this one I'm letting you listen to my latest song.

And you, may find time will blind you
This to just remind you
All is meant to be.

Katie wasn't much of a letter writer, but the letter she gave me on the night I took the train to start basic training means the world to me. "You know what a friend is," she wrote. That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. Click I'm at work at Madame Butterfly. Click The Russ of 92 makes the town unsafe. Click You're cheering me up when a certain someone ignores me... Thankfully, we met again after you went back to the states, but if you read this, send me an email.

Here, by the waterside
Here, where the lens is wide
You and me
By the sea
Taken in tranquility.

I had also forgot how many letters that went between the army office in Harstad and my first big love who went to a school in the south of Norway. Has there always been something special between us, or is that wishful thinking on my part? I'm still working up on my courage to ask you that very question. One day I will. I didn't get to meet you this year, though. Click How wonderful you were in the russ revue. Click You thank me for that show. It is I who should thank you...

Taken, taken so easily
To pass into glass reality
Transform, to transfer, to energy.
Taken, taken, so easily
To pass into glass reality
Transformer, transferring energy. >

I've found a huge red postcard now. It's from Birgitte and Siri. God, I've totally forgotten about that incident. I left you all in a mess with lots of questions unanswered, yet all you do in this letter is to express your concern for my well being. I'm so sorry that when I did return I never told you what had happened. It would have cleared up a lot of misunderstandings later, but another friend of mine said it had never been a problem for anyone. They understood. Sweet Birgitte. Click We're in the studio pretending to be in the bath tub while doing the broadcast Click You describe me better than anyone has ever done: "I love you Hogne, but sometimes you're the most head splittingly annoying being in the entire world." Couldn't have said it better myself. Give yourself a hug from me for sending me this letter.

I gather everything in to a box. I'm sorry mum, this will just have to clutter up the space in your cupboards for a little while longer. I put it back in the shelf and take a look around in my old room.

Click There I am in front of the Amiga playing my latest song for Mindy. Click Tom Gunnar and I are preparing our DJ-set for next evening. Click Katie wants to hear the latest Sting record. Click My cousin copies the latest games on the 64. Click Eirin has fallen asleep waiting for me getting ready. Click I'm on the bed reading the Lord of the Rings for the first time.

Memories don't fade so fast after all. I am a camera.

In to the lens written by Horn/Squire/White/Howe/Downes

Friday Review: Sessions 2000

2004-08-27 20:38:26 - 2 comments    |     Archives

After a two week holiday, the Friday reviews are back. This time hopefully without any breaks before Xmas. This time I present a review of an album with an old electronic master, that surprised both his fan base and those who usually hates his music. Which album by which artist? Find out here.

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