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No Smoking

2004-06-01 14:49:14 - 0 comments    |     Archives

Today the new norwegian law about smoking came in to effect. To sum up, the law makes it illegal to smoke in restaurants, clubs, discos or other public indoor spaces. In Norway it's been illegal to smoke in public offices, hospitals, schools, office building and so on since 1988, so this is just a continuation of that. You see, a lot of smokers see it as a human right to start puffing away whenever and wherever they want, so we have to take this in stages.

Today I've read interviews with several smokers who whine about being treated like children and words like "big brother is watching you" have been used. And I have to give them right in that regard. The problem is that big brother has to tell them to behave, if he didn't, smokers would continue polluting our air. I once asked a friend of mine (who today is an avid non-smoker) if she still would be smoking on domestic flights if there hadn't been a law against it, and she said yes. That is why laws like this are passed. Smokers has to be threatened with legal action before they start asking you if it's ok if they smoke.

Before 1988 people were smoking everywhere, and it was considered rude to ask people not to smoke around you. Usually a smoker would reply by telling you to go somewhere else. Many were the doomsday predictions made when the first law was passed in 1988, and guess what, most restaurants survived and none of these predictions struck gold. In fact, the only conclusion one can reach 16 years on is that it's now unthinkable to light a cigarette whenever you fancy and that it's become unatural to smoke. The sole reason for this is that law. Smokers will readily complain about having their rights revoked, and all I can say as a non-smoker who's been constantly bothered by smoke most of my life is, right back at ya. You may have your rights revoked, but I will have my rights to breathe fresh air reinstated. So there.

Smokers are now claiming that they will stop going out, that pubs and restaurants will go bankrupt and that old people will become lonely and get sick and die because they don't go out anymore. I don't believe this for a second. This is the normal smoker's routine of clutching at straws. In less than a decade we will take for granted that one can go to a pub without having to bring a gas mask to be able to breathe, that you can go out for a night on the town without having your clothes smelling like they've been roasted in a chimney for a decade and that you have to go outside to smoke.

I will grant the people in oposition to the law right about one thing, though: If you are caught smoking it is the owner of the establishment who will be fined, not the person smoking. Now, this is insane. I can readily picture absurd situations happening Saturday night in a packed club...

It is said by experts that laws like this will not stop people from smoking. I don't give a shit, really. My goal is to be able to breathe freely wherever I go. It's ok by me if people want to ruin their body as long as they don't ruin mine. That's the part smokers don't understand. Maybe it's no wonder that they can't comprehend that. After all, breathing toxic chemicals down your lungs everyday doesn't make you appear too smart, does it? *cough*

Friday Review: The Yes Album

2004-06-04 19:42:33 - 9 comments    |     Archives

Since I'm going to see Yes in concert tomorrow, I felt it would be a nice excuse for me to write a review of the break through album of my favourite group. So this Friday I'm reviewing The Yes Album. Please leave your feedback and comments.

A-ha, Yes

2004-06-07 15:02:01 - 0 comments    |     Archives

I was fortunate to witness two great concerts this week-end. After seeing A-ha in Bergen on Friday I reached the following conclusion:

After seeing my all time favourite group Yes in Oslo Spektrum Saturday night made me reach the following conclusion:

Lemon Soda, Dream Toffo and Linking

2004-06-10 14:47:04 - 0 comments    |     Archives

Well, our new service provider has once again managed not do the house keeping properly, hence the server I do all my work on has a full log file and I can therefore not save my work. So that means I can either sit around in the office scratching my balls until they get the server up and running, or I can surf and do some blog posting. I chose the latter.

When I went down to the grocery store at our ground floor to get some milk, I discovered that Pepsi Max, my vice, now comes in two versions: Plain and Cool Lemon. I've just tried the new one and it's good, or maybe I just found it to be a refreshing variation to the brown stuff I pour in to my body in litres everyday.

Does anyone else but me remember blue Toffo? We all know about the red package with toffee flavour and the black package with liqourice, but in the 80s (I can cleary remember buying it as late as 1985) we also had Toffo coming in blue packages. Inside you could find a mixture of flavours like strawberry, banana, liquorice, toffee and maybe one or two other ones. Everytime I mention this to people they all say that they have no recollection what so ever of blue Toffo.

Anyway, when I was in line in front of the registrer at the grocery store, lo and behold, what did I see in the candy shelf? Blue Toffo. I shouted a huge hurrah and scared the shit out of everyone around me. The cashier calmed the other customers saying "He does that from time to time" while giving me a forgiving smile. Triumphantly I held it in my hand when I entered our lunch room, and nobody understood what the fuss was about. The youngest of my colleagues is ten years older than me, still none of them could remember blue Toffo. When I opened it, I discovered that it was a bit different from the old blue Toffo, in that it now was flavoured like different types of fruit, and none of the old flavours except strawberry was included. I didn't get to taste many of them since my colleagues are greedy bastards, so I will have to give a review of the taste later. So, did I dream about the old blue Toffo, or what?

The server is still not up, so to round up, here are a few links:

The server is still not up. Ok, I'm in the cafe if anybody wants me.

Friday Review: Legionäre

2004-06-11 14:32:22 - 5 comments    |     Archives

Of course, today there where sold out of blue Toffo, but my colleagues could assure me that I hadn't just dreamt about it. I hereby repeat my request, does anyone but me remember blue Toffo?

Anyway, this Friday I'm reviewing a synth pop album that should have been a classic.

Let it Rain/Blow Wind Blow

2004-06-16 11:11:27 - 0 comments    |     Archives

This is the shittiest weather I've ever experienced in my entire life during the month of June. It's frigging snowing outside today. When I arrived at work this morning, even the clothes in my backpack were wet. Not to mention my lap top that I actually had to wipe dry before I dared turning it on. It also took some time and a cup of hot chocolate to get my fingers defrosted enough to even type my password when logging on. Ok, summers in Molde usually suck after May has come and gone, but this is beyond stupid.

Even so, I really, really hope the weather will be as shitty as this on Saturday. You see, that's the day Line, Håkon and I will leave for Crete. The joy of spending two weeks of basking in the sun and getting away from this hellhole will certainly be increased if the weather still stinks upon our leaving...

Friday Review: The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome

2004-06-18 15:47:56 - 0 comments    |     Archives

This is an album that I literally grew up with. It practically defines 1984 for me, and even today I can put it on and go absolutely bananas. Read the review, seek it out and judge for yourself.

Vamos a la Playa

2004-06-18 22:36:33 - 6 comments    |     Archives

In eight hours Line, Håkon and me are leaving for Crete. After three weeks of rain, the occiasional hail and snowstorm and not one single day with temperatures above ten degrees (50), it's going to be wonderful to feel sun on ones skin again. This summer has so far been a real outright bummer.

The in-laws are partly moving in to take care of the zoo and to keep an eye of things, but since they live across the street, they will live a little both in both flats. I will bring my computer with me, but I'm not sure if I will be able to connect to the internet at the hotel. In any event, it's going to be a little bit quiet around here for the next two weeks. I'll probably find an internet cafe to check my email and to try and update the blog, but I can't make any promises.

Ahh, sun, sun here I come.

Life in Crete

2004-06-25 10:50:08 - 0 comments    |     Archives

After a few days in Crete I've reached the following conclusions:

- Traffic rules are not rules, they are guide lines
- The inhabitants only appear at night
- Sidewalks and pavements are not made for people in wheel chairs or for parents pushing prams
- The service level at restaurants drops severly beyond zero after they've lured you in to the restaurant
- The weathter is unbelivably nice
- The locals are extremely friendly
- I'm having a great and relaxing time and I get a lot of reading done.
- It's great reading about shitty weather at home while one is basking in 30-35 degrees

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