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Friday Review: Medulla

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This Friday I'm reviewing the best album released so far this year. Go in the world of the mad woman here.

Memories of Bricks

2004-10-04 15:54:27 - 4 comments    |     Archives

I still remember the red car and the white caravan trailer behind it. When I drag my hand through my brick collection today I sometimes bump in to pieces that belongs to the set. There's a pair of wheels. My mom used to yell at me every time I pulled the rubber tyres off from the red wheel cap, because I wasn't able to squeeze them back on myself.

The next piece I find is the red towing hook that was at the rear end of the car. The stud on the front end of the caravan trailer could, via an ingenious design, be hooked on to the car and it stayed on all the time while playing. I remember sitting at the small table in the corner of the living room in Tromsø at the age of four, the table was a glass plate with a mosaic of stones, where I pretended that the green lamp was the house where Tormod lived. You see, we had a neighbour whose name was Tormod, and he had this VW I fell in love with. So of course, my red car was that very same VW. I took the caravan trailer on long holidays. One day I was holidaying in the kitchen, the next day I travelled up the stairs to my room and held a camping session there. The options were listless.

As my collection grew, I started building more and more myself, and I pulled the car and caravan apart to use their bricks in other creations. Somehow the building instructions got lost and even though I'm reminded of that particular model every time I build with my bricks, I've never been able to put the model back together. I didn't even have a picture of it, and no matter how much I tried I just couldn't build it from memory, even though I remembered exactly what it looked like. It's one of those childhood memories that makes you feel safe, but at the same time sad, because you know you can never experience it again.

As I grew up I started to believe that maybe the model was something someone else had made for me, and that it never had existed as an official model. I browsed through all the old catalogues I came across, but no luck. I found pictures of several old sets that I knew that I had in my collection, but which I also had lost the instructions for, but never did I see a red car with a caravan trailer behind it. Until today.

There it was, displayed right in front of me on my screen. Looking exactly how I remember it, to the very last detail. I was sitting mesmerized in front of my computer, having goose bumps while feeling warm inside at the same time. My eyes were on the verge of watering. I barely dared to think the thought. Could they have... Was it possible that the instructions were there as well? Yes, they were. You know where to find me, but don't you dare to disturb me, right now.

Vatikanets Troverdighetsproblem

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Etter de siste dagers debatt i Dagbladet har jeg i dag sendt følgende bidrag til avisens kronikkside: More -->

Friday Review: 666

2004-10-09 09:14:38 - 0 comments    |     Archives

One day too late, but it isn't my fault. Really. I just couldnt' access the control panel for my web-site last night. Seems like my web-hotel had problems. This despite the fact that their slogan is that they are a web-hotel without problems. Anyway, one of my favourite albums is reviewed this week.

Another Conversation

2004-10-11 15:55:54 - 4 comments    |     Archives

- You won't believe what he did last night.

-He stole your Gameboy again and claimed to have beaten all your scores but when you got it back you found that he hadn't even completed the first level?

- I wish

- He's weird. He's must have this tourette syndrome, or something. It's like when he's thinking about not looking at you, he keeps staring at you all the time. Last week he had sweat beads on his forehead because he was focusing so hard. Lot of good that did him... or me.

- Well, if you think he's weird, think of me who's been living with the guy for the past three semesters. I always knew he had issues, man, but this time he really crossed the line.

- So what did he do? Shit in your laundry?

- No, he brought someone home with him.

- Someone as in a human being?

- Yeah, a girl he must have met at the club.

- This is the same guy that looks like he wants to apologize for his own existence when you look at him?

- Yeah, I couldn't believe it either, and I was too shocked to say anything, let alone do anything.

- Why would you want to do anything? A ménage-au-trois is for two women and a man, you know that.

- Well, I was in bed since I had been studying the whole day. About three o'clock in the morning I hear the front door being kicked open. In fall two rather drunk persons, him and a giggling girl. A nanosecond later they are inside his room, his door is shut with an earth shattering bang and then his stereo comes on with the volume turned to eleven.

- Ahh, how subtle.

- Well, I figured since he had probably never scored in his entire life I would suffer through the proceedings. When the album was finished everything was dead quiet and I quickly drifted into sleep hood again. That was when the shit hit the fan.

- This is getting interesting

- Suddenly I hear him screaming "I WANT TO FUCK YOU IN THE ASS!"

- Oh, my God!

- The girl goes like "No, no, I've never done it before." But he goes on screaming "SHUT UP, I WANNA FUCK YOU IN THE ASS!" She still says no, though. "I'm afraid it'll hurt, I don't wanna do it." "WELL, THEN LUBE UP BITCH, CAUSE I WANNA FUCK YOU IN THE ASS!"

- Fucking hell!

- "YOU CAN'T SPEND THE NIGHT HERE IF YOU WONT LET ME FUCK YOU IN THE ASS!" I was laying on my back, too shocked to even move. All I could do was listen to the scene, which I told myself could not be happening, in the other room. "But," she protested. "YOU WANNA SPEND THE NIGHT HERE OR NOT?" She told him yes, because she was living on the complete opposite side of town. "THEN BEND OVER, SLUT!" It was apparent that she saw that the battle was lost by now. "Well, ok then," she said. And with a loud "BLAAAARGH" he went to work on her.

- I don't believe this!

- Neither could I, and this time they didn't turn on any music so I was forced to hear it all. I'm trying to cleanse it all from my memory and I consider this conversation as therapy.

- So he fucked her in the ass and then what?

- Well, everything was dead quiet after he came. It was a pin drop moment. I was too high on adrenaline to go back to sleep again, but I was also too flabbergasted to move. After a while my heart rate when down to about 150 BMP, but just when I thought it was all over, I heard a loud scream from his room again. "GET OUT!" She was clearly as shocked as I was. "Why?" "GET OUT, YOU CAN'T SLEEP HERE!" "But... but, I let you fuck me in the ass!" "SHUT UP, IF YOU WANT TO SPEND THE NIGHT HERE YOU HAVE TO PAY ME FIFTY CROWNS!" His door was ripped open and I heard they struggle. "But you can't throw me out! I let you fuck me in the ass!" "IF YOU DON'T SHUT UP THE PRICE GOES UP TO A HUNDRED! GET OUT!" I heard her on the floor, trying to collect her belongings. "Could you at least call me a taxi?" "I'M NOT CALLING YOU A TAXI! GET OUT!" And with that I heard the front door slam shut and everything went dead quiet again.

- What was he on? Jesus Christ!

- Next morning I was sitting at the breakfast table, when he suddenly appeared in the doorway. He had a hang over that would have killed an elephant. I almost didn't dare to look at him,

- Did he remember anything?

- Well, he looked at me and said: "Did your hear me coming home last night?" I simply nodded. "I had a girl with me, didn't I?" I confirmed. "I don't think I treated her very nice," he said. "You're right about that," I told him before putting my dishes away. He then looked at me and said: "Do you think she would go out with me again?"

Friday Review: Musick to Play in the Dark

2004-10-15 15:35:56 - 0 comments    |     Archives

Coil is enchantment. Coil is brilliance. Coil is wonderful. Coil is magic. Coil is electronic soundscapes of another world. Coil is beautiful. Coil is Coil. Coil is reviewed.

The State I'm in

2004-10-18 14:30:56 - 2 comments    |     Archives

How long does it take for a cold to let go of your body? I've been having a soar throat for over a week now and I've contributed so much snot to the world that I'm sure I'll drown in it. The worst part is that I haven't been able to work out for six days. When I took my bike to work today, I quickly found out that I should put any thoughts of physical escapades on hold for a few more days. I was totally out of breath when I arrived and my throat burned as if the devil himself had infected it with brimstone. And yesterday it seemed like I was heading for a complete recovery. Yahee, sucks to me!

On top of this I'm having a bit of a feud with Canon. Last year I froze my ass off in a competition at work, which ended up with me winning a brand new digital camera.

In late August it began malfunctioning and after a while I couldn't take pictures with it. Three weeks after handing the camera in at the shop I was told that the repairman had said the objective was destroyed and this was the result of me banging the camera on a hard surface. Because of this the warranty was annulled and I had to pay for the repairs, which would cost me more than a new camera would. I asked them to show me some documentation to back up their claims, and they pointed to some scratch marks at the right end of the camera. I was also told to remember that a camera such as this was a delicate instrument. So to sum up, what they basically told med was that the camera shouldn't be used.

These people have no idea who they are dealing with here, so I'm going to let them know. I'm in the process of writing a formal complaint about the lack of service to Canon, and I will also be sure to mention that the camera was even more malfunctioning when I got it back, than what it was before I sent it in. Now the "door" in front of the lens won't close, something that makes it impossible for me to upload the pictures to my computer. I will also tell them that this is not the first time one of their service centres dismiss me by saying it's my own fault. I have also spoken to numerous other people who have told me the same thing. Not the best advertisement for Canon, I believe. I'll upload a copy of the letter of complaint to the blog when it's finished.

Via Lasse I took a test at the Political Compass that told me that I'm an economic left/right: -5.38 and that I'm a social libertarian/authoritarian: -6.72. Why don't you take the test for yourself? Interesting test, even if it is a bit Americanized.


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Til Canon Norge

I oktober 2003 vant jeg et Canon PowerShot A70 i en intern konkurranse hos min arbeidsgiver Vesta Forsikring AS. I juni d.å. begynte kameraet å fuske. Det startet med at displayet var fullt av snø og støy når jeg skulle ta bilde, og at dette også viste seg på bildene. Etter et bytte av batterier gav dette seg, men etter en måned dukket problemet opp med ujevne mellomrom. Jeg tolket problemet med at det var dårlige lysforhold der jeg forsøkte å ta bilde, og ofte hjalp det å slå av og på kameraet. Dette pågikk til i slutten av august da skjermen ble helt svart og det følgelig ikke var mulig å ta bilder med kameraet. Displayet fungerte helt fint når jeg skulle se på bilder jeg hadde tatt tidligere og når jeg var inne i menyer og lignende.

I september leverte jeg kameraet inn til reparasjon hos FotoKnudsen Oasen i Bergen, der Vesta Forsikring AS hadde kjøpt det. Etter to uker fikk jeg tilbakemelding om at kameraet var blitt undersøkt og at verkstedet Camera & Videoteknikk AS hadde konkludert med at kamerat var støtskadet og at objektivet og CCD måtte byttes. Pga at dette var en støtskade ville reparasjonen ikke gå på garantien.

Jeg godtok ikke denne konklusjonen da jeg overhodet ikke har utsatt kameraet for støt, og jeg ba dem derfor dokumentere denne påstanden. De sendte meg da et bilde av et område på kameraet som hadde en rekke riper på seg. Jeg ringte da opp verkstedet og fikk snakke med reparatør Ørjan Ure. Etter å ha blitt forklart at slike riper ikke skyldtes støt men at kameraet hadde ligget i lommen min og blitt gnidd mot et nøkkelknippe, og at jeg derfor hadde kjøpt et polstret hylster til kameraet, hevdet han at kamerat hadde en tydelig bulk i seg som gjorde han sikker i sin sak. Han sa også at et kamera av denne typen var veldig ømfintlig.

Siden reparasjonen ville koste meg mer en et nytt kamera ba jeg om å få kameraet sendt tilbake slik at jeg kunne få tak i bildene som lå på minnekortet. Da jeg var innom FotoKnudsen Oasen i Bergen torsdag 14. oktober for å hente kameraet, saumfarte jeg det, men jeg kunne ikke oppdage noen som helst bulker som skulle til si at kameraet var utsatt for støt. I tillegg oppdaget jeg også at dekselet foran linsen ikke ville lukke seg, slik at jeg ikke kunne få ut bildene. Jeg tok da ut minnekortet og ba butikkbetjeningen spørre Camera & Videoteknikk AS om hvordan dette kunne ha skjedd. Jeg fikk i dag svar om at dette skjedde etter at reparatøren hadde åpnet slått på kamerat første gang, og at det derfor ville ha skjedd uansett pga skaden kameraet hadde fått.

Dette er ikke første gang at jeg har blitt avfeid på denne måten av Canon i garantisaker, og jeg har også snakket med flere av mine kolleger som har samme erfaring som jeg.

Jeg har derfor følgende spørsmål:

Når det gjelder sistnevnte spm er min mening at dette er en garantisak om et kamera som ikke har fungert slik det skulle, og at jeg derfor har krav på et nytt kamera av samme eller tilsvarende merke.

Til slutt vil jeg gjøre oppmerksom på at ikke noe av kritikken min i dette brevet er rettet mot FotoKnudsen Oasen da de ikke har vært annet enn 100% serviceinnstilte i denne saken.

Jeg håper denne saken kan ordnes raskt da jeg har vært uten kamera alt for lenge nå.

Vennlig hilsen
Hogne Bø Pettersen

Kopi sendt til:
FotoKnudsen Oasen
Camera & Videoteknikk AS
Forbrukerrådet Møre og Romsdal og Trøndelag
Forbrukerrådet Hordaland & Sogn og Fjordane
Forbrukerrådet Oslo
Kopi er også lagt ut i min blogg på http://www.elfworld.org/

TVNorge is Still a Crime Against Humanity

2004-10-20 13:43:32 - 7 comments    |     Archives

Last night a disturbing news item was reported on Norwegian tv-channel TV2, it's also been mentioned in several Norwegian newspapers today. Last Sunday, TVNorge (TVNorway) named a girl's killer on their program "Fornemmelse for mord" ("Sensing a murder").

In several newspapers today it has been reported that the police didn't call the accused woman in for questioning, they called her in to tell her what the tv channel and the "psychic" woman accused her of, and that she should be prepared for a lot of media attention. The woman even thanked the police for this. A spokesman for the local police said to the Norwegian media today that they had never considered her as a suspect, and that the information from the tv-station had not convinced them otherwise.

Another spokesman, this time for the national police, has also said that they are in the process of issuing guidelines for the Norwegian police on how to handle tips given by "psychics." How hard can it be to produce a note that says, "say goodbye and show them the door?"

TVNorge set a new record with over 239 000 viewers for this program on Sunday, and in an Internet survey conducted by tv2.no over 60% of their readers thought police should take tips from "psychics" seriously. In adition, the host of the show said in an interview yesterday that the police had started to take more and more interest in their program, and that they had given the police valuable tips on several unsolved cases so far. Of course, he couldn't tell of any cases that had been solved because of them, and he seemed undaunted when the police spokesman said he regarded their show as worthless entertainment.

The psychic still claim that the accused woman was the one she saw in her visions but that she would not give an opinion on if she was wrong or not!

On the tv-channel's homepage, the host says that the naming of the girl's killer was a highlight of this series so far. Have these people got absolutely no shame? By the help of self proclaimed psychics they go to the police with baseless accusations. And yes, hints from psychics are baseless. There isn't one single case in the entire world where psychics have helped solving crime or found missing person. At best they have given vague descriptions that can be interpreted as fitting with the solution, but they could just as easily be interpreted differently.

239.000 viewers. Looking at the show's forum one would think that these are 239.000 idiots. If only people were educated better in this country, and that the media didn't insist on dumbing us down even more. Where is NRK? Why don't they make a documentary about the fact that psychics only have imagined powers and that TVNorge are preying on the vulnerable and easily fooled?

Going to the Movies

2004-10-21 14:36:52 - 2 comments    |     Archives

Ellen has written a wonderful posting where she tells us that she took her son to his first cinema experience, and then she compares it to her first time at the movies. I can vividly remember the excitement myself. It might be hard for foreigners to appreciate how special it was to go the movies when you grew up in the 70s and early 80s. In Norway we only had one tv-channel at the time, and programs for children were limited to twenty minutes pr day, Tuesday to Sunday. A cartoon was an event that sent the whole family flocking around the small screen as if a close relative was being interviewed. Cable, satellite dishes, VCRs and video stores were science fiction, and if you were lucky you knew someone who knew someone who had an Atari or a similar game system. More -->

Friday Review: Dead Inside

2004-10-22 11:27:57 - 0 comments    |     Archives

Wait! Even if you aren't a music buff, please read this review anyway, since this week's album will interest anyone who is in to litterature, art, radio drama and of course music. This week's album is a pure work of art that you will later be thanking me for recommending to you.

Skinnende Hvite Riddere

2004-10-28 10:56:16 - 4 comments    |     Archives

I forrige uke var det en del mishagsytringer om Herborg Kråkeviks nye bok, spesielt fra representanter av den feminine delen av befolkningen. Merkelig det der at de fleste jenter ikke kan fordra henne, aner jeg en smule misunnelse?

Uansett, denne uken er det Åge Hareide som lanserer bok, og nå er det min tur til å raljere. De som kjenner meg og/eller er faste lesere av bloggen min vet utmerket godt at sport interesserer meg innerst inne i Østerdalen, og at aksjonister for min del mer enn gjerne må stoppe fotballkamper ved å legge seg ned foran dem. Men når Åge Hareide utgir en bok, som han attpåtil hevder at han ikke har gitt ut for pengene sin del, hvor han framhever seg selv som en ridder i hvit skinnende rustning fordi han forlot Bröndby for å være sammen med sin kreftsyke kone, får jeg akutt behov for en bøtte. Nå!

Åge, hvorfor skriver du ikke et kapittel om hvorfor du måtte forlate MFK omtrent på dagen og at din kone ble igjen her? Det var ikke mye ridderaktig over den saken gitt...

A Dream Come True?

2004-10-28 22:24:26 - 2 comments    |     Archives

I don't think I'll ever see this again. For non-norwegians: "Disponibelt beløp" means the sum that's available on my account.

Friday Review: The Wall

2004-10-29 14:40:23 - 0 comments    |     Archives

No time to write anything fancy. Today I've reviewed a classic. Or is it? Judge for yourself.

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