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Vamos a la playa

2003-06-01 20:54:19 - 2 comments    |     Archives

Been offline for a few days, and since we're going to the beach today and will be staying at an hotel there for 3 days, it looks like I'm going to be out in real life even longer.

Right now a cat is walking across my keyboard, demanding attention and cuddling. Cant't blame her, it's 2.30 pm and everybody's still asleep. I want to go to the beach so I can show off my hair, wich I bleached for the wedding. More -->

All good things come to an end

2003-06-05 15:05:43 - 3 comments    |     Archives

I'm going home to good old Norway today. Or will that be tomorrow? The flight is twenty hours long with all the waiting and plane changes, and we loose 6 hours (well, not really, we gained six hours when we went here so I guess this evens it out) so we don't arrive until tomorrow. Anyhow, it's six hours until my plane leaves bound for Norway, so I'm going home none the less.

We've just spent three fabolous days at the Lido beach in Sarasota. And I mean a beach. Not those sorry excuses for beaches with rocks that hurt your feet when going in and out of the water, wich is holding a temperature right above "freeze to death" level. More -->

Jetlagged? Me?

2003-06-06 20:26:33 - 7 comments    |     Archives

Let's see then. Heartbeat at 120, body's aching, I fell asleep seven times while playing on the floor with Håkon, I'm spitting venom at anyone who talks to me.... nope, no jet lag here.

Getting out of the US was almost as hard as getting in. Not as many check points, but once again we had to line up for a manual scan and a thorough search of our hand luggage. When we got home we found notes in the rest of our bags, telling us that they had been searched too. Do I look suspicious or something? Anyway, we've arrived back in Norway and had a joyous reunion with the rest of the family. Now I'm craving norwegian bread, cheese and milk. A long nights sleep is also beckoning. I will start uploading pictures tomorrow.

A thank you list is in order:

Eric, Lisa and Hanna for being the best there is! You guys DO rock!

Talli for being ultra cool and for having a great sense of humour

Blair for all the help with the hair and make up, for making us look good and for looking good

Matt for nice talks, good taste in music and movies and for the great performance as the genie

Lisa D for being Lisa D. You can't go wrong with that

Abby for a becoming a friend in spirit and humour. Cynicism is an underrated talent.

This is the best holiday I've ever had.

PS! One thing the cinema on the plane taught me is that "Just Married" sucks, even without sound......

Picture this

2003-06-08 22:47:48 - 0 comments    |     Archives

I've done two things today. 1) Fixed a bug on the gravel version of the site. There were no line breaks in my bloggings on that version, but now everything is ok. 2)Thanks to Lisa, I've been able to upload more pictures from the US trip. They are listed in no particular order. More -->

Back in the game

2003-06-10 17:19:20 - 0 comments    |     Archives

Well, my first day at work has almost come to an end, and I followed the ancient tradition that always take place your first day back after a holiday: I got very little done. More -->

Mayor nudity

2003-06-10 18:02:09 - 0 comments    |     Archives

I've also spent some time of the day wading through news items that I didn't get the time to read while I was in the US. In stead I bookmarked them to read them at a later time, and that time was now. One item that peaked my interest a bit when I was in the US was the case about the nude mayor candidate. I read the initial story and we had an interesting discussion about this with our friends in Florida. More -->

Yoda and silence

2003-06-12 08:50:42 - 0 comments    |     Archives

Since I'm a Star Wars nut I visit theforce.net regularly, and yesterday I found a link to Yoda's acceptance speech, given at the MTV movie awards last week. It's really sweet and fun to watch.

I would also like to direct all norwegians, or those who understand norwegian, to Arve Bersvenden's site to sign the pettion for silence while you're web surfing. It's a cause I support whole heartidly.

I would also like to give kudos to this bloggposting. I concur completely with that one as well. It's about the fact that how sick it is that RenÚe Zellweger is considered to be fat in Bridget Jones diary.

I've waited for two days and all I got was this stupid T-shirt

2003-06-12 22:01:13 - 0 comments    |     Archives

I've decided to try and win that t-shirt that Braathens is offering the first 12 people who show up at Raddison Sas Hotel here in Bergen. They are giving this offer all over the place, but in Bergen they are only giving away 12 t-shirts. You pay 742,- for it, and then you can fly as much as you'd like from 26th of June to 19th of August. I will save a fortune on my commute between Bergen and Molde!

So, what's the drawback? Well, they only hand out 12 on saturday morning at 10 o'clock. Wich means I'm going down town to lie in front of the hotel for two days before I get my hands on it. I'm not even sure how many people who's already lined up, but the two first lined up already this morning. I'm going to take the buss down town anyway, I've got nothing to loose. If there's room for me, a friend from work is going to come down and give me a sleeping bag and a mattress.

You can acutally see me lining up on a webcam. Choose "Den Blå Steinen. Wish me luck!

Update later that evening:
Alas, it was not meant to be. 12 people had lined up long before I was finished at work today. At least I tried....

The Friday five

2003-06-14 00:31:42 - 0 comments    |     Archives

Hey, what do you know. My first Friday five:

1. What's one thing you've always wanted to do, but never have?
I've always wanted to be a real good keyboard player. I do compose music, but my playing is helplesly bad. I really, really wish I had taken the time to bother to learn how to play the damn thing in stead of relying on computers to help me out. I still have an ambition about doing it, but when you're 30 you know you're never going to be great at it.

I'd also like to improve my French and German and I envy my high school friends who had the guts to make a career in the acting world. I'm still just doing it on an amateur basis.

2. When someone asks your opinion about a new haircut/outfit/etc, are you always honest?
I'd like to think I am, but I'm usually a bit hesitant to comment on it if I don't like it at first sight. Sometimes things grow on you and you tend to like it after a while, so I try not to be too harsh.

3. Have you ever found out something about a friend and then wished you hadn't? What happened?
Not close friends, no. There are people that I've wanted to get to know better, but then I've learned stuff about them that really put me off, or they just behaved in a way that I just couldn't take. I don't want to go in to details, though.

4. If you could live in any fictional world (from a book/movie/game/etc.) which would it be and why?
Elfquest, obviously. I'd also love to be a jedi knight. Pathetic, isn't it?

5. What's one talent/skill you don't have but always wanted?
I'd like to be more athletic. I'm in good shape, can run long distances and I lift weights, but I don't have that extra talent that makes you able to do triple summeraults, fantastic divings in the pool, have a good balance or the ability to control a ball. I would also like to be able to draw and paint. I just don't have any talent whatsoever in that regard.

Breeding ground for germs

2003-06-17 13:35:35 - 0 comments    |     Archives

In an issue of Oprah Magazine I read at the beauty parlor in Florida (hey, I was already at a beauty parlor, how much lower could I sink), D was listed as "D stands for Diseases" in the women's alphabet (the same alphabet declared that "A is for Air, what's between your boss' ears when you discuss maturnity leave"). This was referring to the fact that you have to spend more sick days at home with your child during one single year, than you've spent your entire life up until now if you placed him/her in a day care center. This is true! You'd be amazed how many diseases that can visit a day care center during a year. More -->

Satanist newspapers

2003-06-18 10:02:22 - 0 comments    |     Archives

Oh, here we go again.... A guy who once used to be a member of a black metal band is arrested for mutilating dead bodies at a morgue, and the media automatically jumps to the conclusion that this has got something to do with occult bands worshipping Satan.

This guy is a drug addict who did these acts as a bet for drugs, but since he has played in this band, wich he was thrown out of four years ago because of his drug use, the papers see a golden opportunity to fill their pages with scandals in an otherwise quiet summer month. He was also in to martial arts and had a black belt in the kyokoshinkai school of karate. How about intervieweing people in karate clubs about wether this is a common occurence for them? I'm sure that next they will write that he's a biker, and we all know how awfull those guys are.

We had this very same phenomenon excactly ten years ago, when a guy who happened to be a death metal artist killed a member of a rival band and burnt down two churces. The newspapers were having a field day stigmatising an entire group of people because of one guys deeds. The result was of course that record sales soared to an all time high and that the black metal genre in Norway received more attention in six months than they've received in the ten years that followed. Record shops are already ordering more copies of his former band's latest record. This is a kind of publicity that I'm sure they could've done without, and their vocalist is now in hiding because he's so depressed by the fact that the media labels them as satan worshippers.

Let me ask you this, just because you're singing songs against chrisitianity, does this automatically mean that you're a satanist? I don't excactly sing songs about it, but I'm against a lot of the things that so called christians stands for, does this make me a satanist?

The other day I was forced to listen to Justin Timberlake while working out in the basement of our office building (I didn't get to the cd player first, you see). It was pure torture. That's what hell would be like to me, and I'm sure if I killed the guy who put the record on I would walk free by claiming self defense. In a world where ten year old girls are taught by the media that this is the kind of music that they should be listening to, while throwing up to keep the "right" weight so they can dress up as adults in tight and revealing clothes, this is what we condemn: People who wear black, plays aggressive music and just want it be up to you if you want to like them or not.

Feeling good

2003-06-19 10:24:35 - 0 comments    |     Archives

I feel good about myself today. Yesterday I had flowers delivered to Line and I also talked the lady at the flower store in to go to the toy store next to them and get me Annie, one of Thomas' passenger cars, and have it all delivered home. Line is staying home with Håkon because he's having a fever, so I thought they might both need a cheering up. Got a call last night that told me it was very much appreciated. And nobody can accuse me of doing it only to reap the awards since I'm not going home until Saturday afternoon. Where's my wings?

Friday five

2003-06-20 09:04:37 - 0 comments    |     Archives

It's time for the Friday five again:

1. Is your hair naturally curly, wavy, or straight? Long or short?
My hair gets curly when it grows to a certain length. Not cork screw curley but within a reasonable amount. A lot of people have told me they envy my natural curls but I usually don't like them too much. My hair is currently short since I did my summer cut (read: army) just after easter. It's still short, and for the first time in my life it's bleached.

2. How has your hair changed over your lifetime?
I've always had those curls, but the length have varied through the years. As a kid, up until I was about three years old, my mom used to let it grow a bit because of the curls. When I became a teen ager I started to experiment more. I've had a mullet, that stupid rat tale wich was in vogue during the 80's, striped hair, all over long hair, spikes (piggsveis) and just normal looking straight short hair.

I like to have long hair, but as a man being in a relationship with a woman you pretty much loose your right to vote about stuff like that......

3. How do your normally wear your hair?
On my head.

4. If you could change your hair this minute, what would it look like?
I kinda like having it bleached, it's a new experience and I like to experiment a bit. But my greatest wish is to be able to grow it long again. Just one more time before I start loosing it.

5. Ever had a hair disaster? What happened?
My hair has caught fire three times, and everytime has been out of my control. The first time was in 88 and that's the reason why my ullet dissapeared. The second time was new years eve 93, a friend of mine saw it in time and dipped my head in the snow. He saved my long hair, thank God. The third time was when a candle fell off a chandelier and right on my head. I didn't have long hair then, but it started the tradition of my summer cuts.....


2003-06-25 09:13:15 - 1 comments    |     Archives

Look at this posting at Astrologyzone.com. Personally I find this heart breaking. Just read some of the answers this person recieved. I'm a skit writer and I could never come up punch lines as (unintenionally) funny as those. Are people really this deluded? So deluded that in stead of waking up to smell the coffee, they desperately cling to their beliefs in the hopes of finding some truth to them?

Since I feel that I don't have a lot of the traits that a person born in the year of the rat is supposed to have, I could argue, if using their logic, that I'm born in the wrong year.

In a world were superstition and belief in medieval methods should be a thing of the past, the alternative movement is sweeping across the world. People who dismiss it as harmless fun have not seen the devestating consequences such quacks can have on peoples lives. To get started, news papers should drop their horoscopes and then send their journalists to school to learn the basic rules of science. And while I'm dreaming, I'd like a non fattening chocolate that acutally tastes good.....

Poll this

2003-06-25 09:29:56 - 0 comments    |     Archives

I'm sure you've seen them. Every day online news papers run a "survey." After responding (or selecting "view results without voting") the page jumps and you see the results and the following: "NOTE: Poll results are not scientific and only reflect the opinions of those users who participate." Even tv programs are doing this, and it drives me mad.

As we all know, most journalists have very little education to show for. Most of the journalists I know barely made it throug high school and got their job by starting as freelance writers or as errand runners in a paper. The result? Stupid surveys and idiotic articles where it's evident that journalists doesn't even understand statistics or other branches of mathematchis or science at all.

Once upon a time being a journalist was a noble profession, where they took great pride in being accurate. But as I mentioned in my rant against horoscopes, they just shrug it off as harmless fun. What's fun in decieving people?

TVNorges smakl°shet

2003-06-26 08:40:07 - 0 comments    |     Archives

I'll do this one in norwegian:

At TVNorge er smakløshetens høyborg er noe de til fulle har bevist gang på gang opp gjennom årene. Nå har de imidlertid nådd et lavmål. Serien "Fornemmelse for Mord" er en forbrytelse mot menneskeheten. Her får synske mennesker briske seg fritt uten at et eneste kritisk spørsmål blir stilt, mens folk som ikke vet bedre gis falske forhåpninger om at de skal få et svar. Dette er kynisk utnytting av mennesker i en desperat situasjon, og en tv-kanal burde vise mer ansvar enn dette.

Jeg skjønner jo hvorfor de gjør dette. Det drar seeere. Så min beskjed til seerne er: Skjerp dere! ┼pne opp øynene og få litt kunnskap mellom ørene..

Happy happy joy joy

2003-06-26 08:53:57 - 2 comments    |     Archives

Not only am I going home again today and getting a visit from my parents, in addition Lisa and Hanna's packages arrived yesterday. That means there's a HUGE supply of Oreo's waiting for me when I get home. Thanks guys! You're the best, and have a great honeymoon on your cruise to Alaska.

The sun is shining, I have a Pepsi Max by my side, the cd player is running, my project is running on track and I'm going home today to my wonderfull girl friend who took time off from work today to both clean the house and pick up my parents at the airport. Better yet, after all the bills are payed I still have money in the bank! Sometimes it's great to be alive.

Friday 5

2003-06-28 00:00:24 - 1 comments    |     Archives

A nice way to end a perfect sunny Friday, after consuming white wine and shrimp. Here's this week's Friday 5:

1. How are you planning to spend the summer [winter]?
Commuting between work in Bergen and my home and family in Molde. I'm only taking a two week holiday this year, and they were spent in Florida. I might take a few days off to visit my parents and sister at Fauske in the north of Norway towards the end of the summer.

2. What was your first summer job?
At SKS in Fauske. I spent every summer from 1988 to 1997 there. They had this arrangement that when the employees children reached the age of 15, they were offered summer jobs for three weeks every summer. If you were good at it you were offered more weeks, especially when you grew older.

In the first years you did basic stuff like cutting grass, painting houses, digging ditches, cleaning or other chores. As you grew older you got more responsible chores, like cutting the forrest under the power lines or painting the masts that are holding up the power cables crossing the largest fjords. The latter job was the best one. We stayed away from home during the week and the money was just pouring in.

In my last year a friend and I got to work for ten weeks. We were out walking in the forests and mountains every day, measuring how well the security cables preventing lightning damage led the power to earth. It's the best darn summer job I've ever had.

3. If you could go anywhere this summer [winter], where would you go?

Actually, I'd like to go to Andøya. I used to spend all my child hood summers there, and it was my second home away from home. The nature is beautifull and I miss my family up there. It's also nice to go up there to be reminded of more care free and innocent times.....

4. What was your worst vacation ever?

The Christmas vacation I spent at my parents place back in 1998. It wasn't my parents fault though......

5. What was your best vacation ever?

I have favourite moments from all of them, but this years trip to Florida was great. Can't really pick one specific vacation, but standout memories from several of them:

1) When Line and I visited Saltstraumen
2) My last summer job at SKS
3) The summers spent at Andøya, especially at my aunts place, my grand parents place and in the house where my father grew up
4) The trip to Yugoslavia way back in the 80's
5) My first summer on "my own" back in 1987, when my parents decided enough was enough and went away on their own, leaving me with relatives at both Andøya and in Tromsø

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