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In the advents calendar today:A small chocolate santa

Yes, it's advent. Probably my favourite part of the year, with the exception of summer of course. It's so cozy to walk around looking at the decorations and lights people put up. I'm not a religous man and therefore I love Xmas. Always have. I've even decorated my homepage and my new office here in Molde and I have a huge bowl of candy in front of me that I don't eat much from myself but I've become very popular among my colleagues. The best part of this particular advent, though, is that it's so fantastically wonderfull to be home. More -->

Ups and Downs

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In the advents calendar today:A Kinder Maxi chocolate bar

First the ups: Andreas returned from Britain last night after taking part in the Manchester United soccer school finals. This spring he won the title "best student" at United's soccer school, and together with the winners from 50 other soccer schools he took part in a final on Sunday. They competed against each other by displaying their technique and doing various tricks. Andreas won second price and next year he will be match mascot in match on Uniteds home turf. This means he will be the first one out on the field, holding the team captain in one hand and the ball in the other before kick off. He was understandably very proud when he returned yesterday and showed us the trophy and all the merchandise he won for free. I'm telling ya, if he keeps developing his soccer skills through the rest of his puberty I will retire in five years and regularly just send an email over to England saying: Please send more money...

Now the downs: Yesterday I was told that everything I had written for a certain project I've been involved had been rejected. Every single damn byte of material. Now, I'm used to being rejected, every writer is, but this is the first time I've had such a massive rejection. I'm not really depressed or letting it spoil my Xmas-mood, but I still feel a major surge of dissapointent flowing through me everytime I think about it. I worked really, really hard on the material, spending nights being up til 3-4 in the morning, reading, polishing, re-reading, correcting typos, testing it on selected people and still it didn't cut it for these guys. It's just annoying to work very hard on something and then receive such a slam in the face. I sat up last night questioning wether I had any talent at all. The least they could do was to give me som feed back during the process in stead of saying no at such a late stage.

There's no bad blood between us, though. It's an honest thing to say no. They still want me involved in the project one way or another and they also encouraged me to come up with scripts and new ideas. So I've decided to not give up. I have a few more ideas that I will try to get in to the project and this time I will convince them...

Fame and Glory

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In the advents calendar today:A small chocolate santa again

My bonus son is sort of turning into a local celebrity. This morning you could hear his and his mother's voices grace the air waves on NRK Møre og Romsdal's morning broad cast. The local paper talked to him yesterday and the interview will be printed in tomorrows edition. A confidence booster to be sure, and yes, we will keep his feet on the ground.

He has already experienced the draw side of being quoted by the media, though. The reporter on the radio this morning said he had won in his age class, but this is wrong. Out of the 7000 students who participated, the fifty best were chosen to go to the finals. Andreas took second place among all of those, there were no age classes. He got very annoyed while listening to the radio in the car and said: "How hard is it for these stupid reporters to get small details like that right?" Welcome to the real world, kid...

Nissene på Låven and Kids in the News

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In the advents calendar today:A milk chocolate snow man filled with chocolate pralines

Ok, jeg vet at jeg har raljert mange ganger om at TVNorge er en forbrytelse mot menneskeheten og at kanalen burde jevnes med jorden, men et kvalitetsprodukt som Nissene på låven fortjener alle seerne det kan få.

Egentlig er det ganske ironisk at en kanal som livnærer seg på idioti, søppel og reality-serier sender en serie som nettopp kler den type tv-programmer naken, riser dem til blods på rumpa og illustrerer hvor latterlige de er. Faktum er at det ikke utenkelig at mange av de tingene som gjøres i Nissene på låven kunne vært hentet ut fra en rekke av realityseriene som går og har gått. Tiradene "deltakerne" gjør inn i kameraet står ikke tilbake for noe av det som sies i de virkelige seriene. Selv jeg som ikke ser dem har plukket opp såpass. Jeg må bare ta hatten av og bøye meg i støvet over det Eckbo & co. har klart med denne serien. Ikke bare har de truffet spikeren på hodet. De har naglet spikeren tvers gjennom tre lag med sponplater på ett eneste slag. Krydret med et ensemble som Tore Ryen burde hatt våte drømmer om er denne serien en vinner. At TVNorge i det hele tatt tør å sette opp en realityserie om plastiske operasjoner rett etterpå viser at de er naute dumme og egentlig ikke skjønner at de i de femten siste minuttene har blitt hengt ut til spott og spe for noen hundre tusen seere. Jeg håper at folk legger fra seg "den er for populær til at jeg kan digge den" holdningen og nyter hvert sekund de kan av denne serien. Bra gjort, Eckbo. Jeg virkelig hater deg, vet du det?

I will now, in english, brag about my bonus son one last time. Yesterday he was interviewed on television and it was shown to the entire nation (at least to those in the nation who were tuned in to NRK1) around 21.20 last night. They showed him doing tricks, analyzing Christiano Ronaldo's moves, in class yawning and on the field training with his team. And in his usual modest tone he stated: "My ambition is to go over there and win the whole thing next year." As the host on the news said after the item: "It's nice to have ambitions in life." Yeah, I guess...

Subliminal Games

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In the advents calendar todayA Kinder Extra bar

Thanks to Anja I found this free association game. Free association is described as a "psychonanalytic procedure in which a person is encouraged to give free rein to his or her thoughts and feelings, verbalizing whatever comes into the mind without monitoring its content." Over time, this technique is supposed to help bring forth repressed thoughts and feelings that the person can then work through to gain a better sense of self.

I always strive for self improvement, so here goes:

Walking in the Winter Wonderland

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In the advents calendar todayA chocolate heart

I usually hate the winter, but having snow on the ground these days is just wonderfull. After being hit by Clara the storm the past two days, it kinda calmed down last night. I took the dog for a run and when we had run about 3 km, the wind came back with a vengeance and brought with it a hail storm as a bonus. I actually have red marks in my face today. Being a true viking elf I soldiered on, and after a while the hail turned in to snow and the wind dissapeared in a flash.

After returning home I showered and when I went out on the veranda to put candles in our lanterns, the whole world was covered in a white blanket. With all our xmas lights (even my mother said it was pretty) it looked really, really nice. Almost like the xmases you're imagining from your child hood. Put me in the right xmas mood, it did.

A note before I go: I know I promised to stop bragging about my bonus son, but I just have to mention that he will be on Lørdagsrevyen tonight, the most watched news program in Norway. He will be shown talking about Åge Hareide during a portrait interview with the latter. I've no idea what he'll say, but I will actually watch an interview with the national soccer team's trainer. Will probably never happen again.

It Was Over So Quickly

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In the advent's calendar today:A candy banana and a mini pack with Love Hearts

And the winter left us again...


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In the advent's calendar todayFour strawberry jelly fish

We just received the xmas present from Line's parents. It was a beautiful cabinet for our tv, wich is a 30" wide screen tv that has been resting on a cabinet way too small for it, and it could hold lots of dvd's as well. After moving everything over to the new cabinet and plugging everything in I discovered it. A big piece of the wood on the front was missing so that you could see down to the iron bars that hold the whole thing together. Guess I just have to unplug everything and send the whole thing back. Damn!

Small Country

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In the advent's calendar todayA Kinder Maxi chocolate bar

It's a small world, we all know that, and it's getting smaller every year. You meet old friends on a back packing trip to Timbukthree (wich is harder to get to than Timbuktwo, get it?), your neighbour waves at you from the other side of the street in Paris, your aunt gives you kisses on the red square in Moscow or you will, like me, find distant relatives everywhere.

Today I discovered that one of my colleagues at the office here in Molde is my father's second cousin. This basically means that her children are my third cousins. We sat and talked for a while about all the people we both knew up in the good ol' north. While we did this, I was reminded about a humorous, albeit embarassing, story that happened to me some time in the 90's.

On a trip to Oslo I was asked by a guy if I knew Johannes in Kirkenes. It wasn't the first time I was asked a question like that by ignorant idiots in Oslo, so I was very annoyed. "That's so darn typical of you southerners." I spat the words out like venom. "Just because I'm from the part of the country called North-Norway, you automatically presume that I have to know everyone who lives there." I gave them a long and hard look, a look wich was returned with trying smiles and uncertain facial expressions. The guy who had asked me about poor Johannes gave me a look that told me I was on the verge of being put on his "avoid at all costs" list.

I continued by giving my usual lecture about the fact that even if my home town of Fauske is located in what is referred to as North-Norway, you're only half way through the country when you're passing through the place where I grew up. Actually most people are just passing through when they visit my home town, but I digress. "It's at least a 2000 (1240 miles) km from where I come from to get to Kirkenes," I said.

"Oh, I see," said the guy who had posed the question. Considering the fact that he was from a part of the country where a distance of 10 km (6.2 miles) would be considered as "far away," he should have no problems understanding my point. He looked at me and continued: "What's the distance from your place to Narvik, then?" I answered that it was a couple of hundred kms (ca 120 miles). "Oh," he said. "I guess you don't know Lars from Narvik then." I could feel my face go bright red. Actually, it went beyond red. If red was ten on a scale from one to ten I was fast apporaching fifteen, wich would've been a purple like colour I guess. Almost inaudibly I answered: "Actually I do know him..."

Elf's Xmas Tracks Vol. 1

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In the advent's calendar today:A chocolate cone filled with mini Smarties

I've planned to do this for several years and finally I did it. I guess I'm not the only one who's annoyed with all the crappy Xmas-albums and Xmas- compilations released every year. Among all the crap, though, there are som gems sticking out like shining beacons. Trouble is that you probably don't want to buy Absolute Jul (sic) to only get the three songs that are listenable. The solution? You mix your own cd with your favourite Xmas tracks.

Songs can be gathered from borrowed cds, b-sides of singles that you have in your collection (surprisingly many artists hide xmas tracks there), greatest hits or raritites compilations and you can of course search the net and download'em. I've done everything on that list and here's the result:

Feel free to comment my taste, or lack thereof. If you're wondering why Slade's Merry Xmas Everybody isn't on it and you're thinking of giving me a very hot flaming, I will defend myself with a feeble excuse: I couldn't find it. I only have it on vinyl, and since I'm temporarily offline at home and everything with the word 'mp3' in it is filtered at work, I just couldn't find a digital version of it. Honest.

* = The main theme from a wonderfull, amazingly, extraordinary, beautifull and moving animated film that I will urge everyone to see. If you know that it will be shown on norwegian, swedish or english tv during this Xmas, please let me know!

New PC With Problems and No Support

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In the advent's calendar today:A Kinder Maxi chocolate bar

As I said before, Xmas started early at our house. Not only did I finish all preparations (ok, there are one or two things left) before the 1st, we also received our brand new PC last week end. It's a quantum leap from my old Compaq Pressario Pentium II computer with a savage S3 Pro graphics card, state of the art way back in 99 when I got it. Our brand new Fujitsu-Siemens Scaleo M (2,8 GHz, 512 MB RAM and a Radeon 9600 graphics card) with a Scaleoview S19-1 monitor wich doesn't take any room at all and a seperate bass amplifier for the speakers is like going from hot dog to steak. I had to do some wiring at the back of the pc because it has a special sound card for hi-fi sound, or at least that's what the producer boasts in the manual, but I haven't checked it out yet.

It also has a DVD-RW. Last night I burned a CD-ROM in four minutes (74 minutes of music), a process wich took at least half an hour on my old system. I'm also looking forward to digitizing some private videos I have laying around gathering dust. I also have a brand new Canon printer but I kept my old trusty HP-scanner. All in all I think I have a very powerfull machine at home, at least compared to what I used to have. In adition I can finally play Jedi Outcast, if I can find the time...

I'm very surpised about XP. When I connected up my scanner, it immediately found all the drivers it needed and the scanner was ready for use within five seconds. The same goes for my joystick and my printer. XP is pretty stable too, but I've experienced a huge problem: Sometimes when I put a cd into the drive the whole machine freezes and the only way I can unlock it is to turn the computer off. This is very annoying, especially when you're burning a cd and you've over half way through the track list. The machine does this both on the regular cd-drive and the drive used for burning. Is this an XP-thing or do I have serious problems with my computer? I've called support but they still haven't rung me back...

Someone who does ring me is Telehor Avidi. A few weeks back I received a letter telling me that if I signed up for a cable modem now, I would get connected up for free and I would get a monhtly discount for the next twelve months. Since they are my only alternative and I've stopped my ISDN-subscription I went to their web page and ordered it over a week ago. Last night one of their sales people called me to hear if I wanted to order cable modem from them. I told him that 1) I had already ordered it, 2) I have reserved myself from telephone marketing and sales and I would think at least a Telehor company would have those lists updated. He tried to excuse himself with the fact that since I was already a cable tv subscriber, I was a customer and therefore that reservation list didn't apply in those situations. Fuck, if I had any other option than this company I would take it. Believe you me.

Going Online With No Copy Protection and Spam

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In the advents calendar today:Sour candy cola bottles and a red jelly fish

Hurrah! A technician from Telehor Avidi just called and wondered if it was ok that he popped his head in my door about fivish today. Is the pope catholic? Finally I will get cable modem and I won't be offline at home anymore!

In other news, I order a lot of stuff from Play and usually they are very dependable. This time however they screwed up and sent me a copy protected disc. I contacted them and explained that I had ordered a cd, not a faulty digital disc and they agreed to give me a refund, no questions asked. They even apologised for the record company's violation of my rights as a consumer. Norwegian readers should read this and this posting about why you should never ever buy a copy protected cd. If you'd like an article in english you should read this one as it gives a great example of why copy protection sucks.

Lately there have been several articles in the media about the fact that record sales are declining even more than what they were before copy protected discs (read: copy protected discs are NOT cds) were introduced. This is especially true among the young crowd. The industry have themselves to blame for this. I urge you to read this article by Warren Ellis as it spills out my excact feelings about this subject, it's only written better...

And finally a bonus: Here's an article about a man who took the law in his own hand after receiving one spam email too many. Of course I whole heartidly support him. Spammers should be shot, no trial, just straight execution. I especially like the CO of the spamming company's excuse about the fact that the spam was sent from one of his competitors: "Such firms give a bad name to the penis enhancement business." Hilarious!

RIP Keiko

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In the advents calendar today:Four candy bananas and a sour candy cola bottle

Finally Keiko is dead. Now certain people can begin spending their money on more sensible and more usefull causes. My god, how many millions of dollars have they wasted on that beast?

The most ironic thing is that if they had never set him free he would probably still be alive. It's like those animal rights fundamentalists who release animals from their cages to certain death because of lack of food and cold. Idiots!

Saddam Boy is Coming to Town

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In the advents calendar today:A blueberry lollipop and four candy bananas

So, they've finally captured Saddam Hussein. I just saw Dubya on tv pretending that he saw this as a victory. Bullshit! He would've preferred it if Saddam had taken a bullet to his head, like his sons did. Bush has every reason to be afraid. If the preliminary reports are to be believed, Saddam is more than willing to spill his guts. I can't wait for him to start telling how much money he received from GHWB (Bush sr). This arrest is a true Xmas gift for the opposition in the US. I hope they use it well...

Advent Mood

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In the advents calendar today:A chocolate cone filled with mini Smarties

I just wanted to raise your Xmas spirits:

From the Gates of Delrium to Xmas Frolics and ROTK

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In the advents calendar today:A chocolate heart

I was in a total haze when the plane hit the landing strip. I had only gotten four hours of sleep before taking the taxi to Årø international at six am, and the sleephood I had drifted into in the plane seat had almost left me comatosed. With great effort I dragged my body in to the airport where I discovered that I had to wait half an hour for the bus. I consumed a 7-11 breakfast while desperately trying to wake up. It was one of those days where I wished I liked coffee.

After taking the bus to work I stood in front of the entrance looking at the building. "So, back again," I thought to myself, only this time it felt different. Not as sad as it used to be on the first day back when I was commuting every week. "I'm going back in only three days," I thought, and entered the building.

It was great seeing my colleagues again, and they seemed generally happy to see me. My mood was improving and my body was finally waking up. I tok a stroll through the office landscape and it was like walking throug santa's work shop. The statistic team had once again excelled themselves with decorations, and there were presents floating everywhere. On the floor, in shelves, under at least four xmas trees located on our floor (the floor above us have at least a dozen trees) and some were even hanging from the roof. Ronny gave me a present too, a santa hat, wich I've been wearing all day.

Tonight at 4 am, I will take in LOTR:ROTK with 12 of my fellow employees. Ronny had this theory that if we went to the world premiere at midnight, we would be home around four o'clock, wich meant 3 hours or less of sleep. If we went to the 4 am showing in stead, we could go straight from the movie to work, but that meant going to bed earlier tonight. Since I haven't got a flat in Bergen anymore I will be sleeping at work for three days anyway, so his theory suits me just fine.

After the movie we will be treated to breakfast by the company. It's the traditional Vesta Xmas breakfast and the thought of going to see LOTR:ROTK (I'm so excited I won't be able to sleep) and then go to work to have a wonderful breakfast will make most of this stay like a joyride.

Now it's only six hours and fifteen minutes to go, wich means I should go to sleep soon. If I can sleep. I'm looking forward to this movie so much that it hurts. Well, off to bed then. G'night.


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In the advents calendar today:A chocolate heart

Yes, it was that good. It was beautifull, magnificent, exciting, funny and sad. Easily the best one of them all. Everything you've heard about the movie is true.

The scene I was looking most forward to, Shelob's scenes, were magnificent and they did her justice, IMO. No wonder I've named my own spider after her.

I said the movie was sad, and it was in several ways. The most obvious one is htat next Xmas is going to be a let down because there will be no new film to look forward too, but also because the last ten minutes of the film are damn moving. If I hadn't been surrounded by my closest colleagues I could've bawled. In stead it was like, "Ok, I can make it look like I'm scratching my eye lid when removing that tear." I get misty eyed so easily when it comes to the arts, both music, movies, tv shows and comics can push me over. So sue me!

And to the person behind me who was eating m and insisted on pressing them out one by one through a tiny hole during the quietest parts of the movie: Pray I don't find out where you live. Or you will receive a visit from Shelob...

Elf's Virtual Xmas Card

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In the advents calendar today:Milk chocolate pellets and a candy banana

I've spent the past few hours writing my annual Xmas greetings, namely Elf's virtual Xmas card. Read it and (hopefully) enjoy.

Coffee Annan

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In the advents calendar today:Skittles

I love coffee. That is to say, the smell of it. I hate the taste and I just don't understand how people can consume vast amounts of it everyday. It's insane, really. If you walk around drinking soda, juice or cocoa all day, everybody looks at you like you've got a problem. But with coffee it's the other way round. "You mean you don't drink coffee?!?" It's like saying you don't enjoy sex.

What is it about coffee that make people drink it so much. At work, the first thing most of my colleagues do in the morning is to run for the coffee machine. "I gotta have coffee, I don't function without coffee. Give it to me! You mean it's broken?!? How will I get through the day! GIVE ME MY GOD DAMN COFFEE!"

When you visit a company, wether it's for a job interview, business meeting or anything that involves a conversation, it's mandatory to offer or being offered a cup of coffee. Why? I just don't get it! It tastes like crap, folks. Wake up! Nobody I know liked coffee the first time they drank it, but they still they ventured on because it was expected of them. It's like you're not considered to be an adult if you don't drink coffee. And the worst thing is that most coffee drinkers I know are constantly complaining that they should cut down on their consumation. Sheesh.

But I do love the smell of freshly burned coffee. To open a new bag of coffee is such a wonderfull experience that I sometimes voulenteer to make coffee for people just to be able to get that aroma up my nose when I open the bag. Yesterday when I visited a friend of mine at his office, I was standing right behind Friele, the largest coffee house in Norway. I stood there for several minutes taking deep breaths before I got in to the car again. Nothing can beat that smell. But once it has been through the process with hot water and poured in liquid form in to a cup... forget it! That's poison that is.


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In the advents calendar today:A Kinder Maxi Chocolate bar

Er det flere småbarnsfedre enn jeg som er veldig glad for at Julemorgen er tilbake denne jula også? Jeg tenker spesielt på det faktum at når du sitter halvt omtåket sammen med alvkommet, som fant ut at det var morgen kvart på seks, så finner du god trøst i at Elisabeth Lindland fyller skjermen din. Jeg storkosermeg, jaffal da...

Not to Be

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In the advents calendar today:A chocolate lollipop and three milk chocolate pellets

I was so looking forward to getting my wireless router up and running tonight. Sadly it was not to be.After struggling to get my Wireless-G PCI Adapter in to the slot inside the pc (well, it was that thingie protecting the empty slot that was a real hazard to get loose) I fired up the machine expecting XP to find it. It didn't.

I then tried to install the driver from the cd, but the installation program just quit as soon as it started. I'm at my wits end, I've tried every trick in the book and I've asked around on irc and checked out the product's support page. No luck. The help line is not open and I'm getting desperate. Any hints would be much appreciated. And before you ask, yes, I have verified that the card is properly inserted in the slot. The green little light is even on behind the pc. *sob*

So This is Xmas

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In the advents calendar today:A chocolate santa

I'm so full of Xmas mood that I can burst any moment. Håkon, Ruby and I have been out today going nuts in the snow that is falling down from the sky in heavy, heavy loads. It has covered the entire town of Molde in a white blanket, it has sugar coated the decorated trees, making every tree looking like an iglo of light and warmth.

And guess what? We're entirely finished. We can sit down and just relax now, even the tree is standing in the living room fully decorated. Håkon had a field day while we did it, he loved it even more than his dad. This is going to be the best Xmas ever, not only because everything is perfect right now, but for other reasons as well, but I can't go in to them for at least another week.

Well, out in the living room for some punch!

So here it is, Merry Xmas
Everybody's having fun
Look to the future now
It's only just begun


Something About Christmas Time

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In the advents calendar today:A football lollipop and a package of mini love hearts

Singing in the Rain

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In the advents calendar on Xmas eve:A huge chocolate santa

Well, I almost did it. My goal was to do at least one blog posting pr day during advent, and apart from the 24th I managed to do it. It's now boxing day and since my better half is still asleep and my son is glued in front of the tv, I decided to sneak off for some computer time. I'm trying to relax these days, and even though that's a hard thing for me to do, I think I'm doing a pretty good job at it at the moment.

It started pouring down on Xmas eve, and when we visited a large farm just outside the center of Molde to meet the santa living in the barn, we got soaked. Huge puddles were forming everywhere, and the wind made the rain hit our faces so hard that it was a painful experience. Anyhow, we still managed to sing a song for santa, before he handed out presents.

We took in dinner at the in-laws place. I rediscovered that I really don't like pinnekjøtt that much, it's everything that's served on the side that's good. Pinnekjøtt is nothing more than very, very dry meat that only taste salty. If you can find any meat between all the fat...

A little elf did a switch of roles and became santa on Xmas eve. Santa delivered a gift to Håkon, a huge Gråtass tractor wich we tested outside yesterday during a break in the storm and rain. Not much snow left now.

Personally I got a lot of sensible gifts like clothes, things for the house and a couple of books. The best gift was the big Darth Vader statue from Line,though.

Last night Line and I could finally cuddle up together in the sofa and just take in the Xmas spirit roaming through the house. I bought her Amélie this Xmas and we saw it again last night. It had the same effect on me now as it did the first time I saw it. By the end of the movie I'm so in love with the main character that I almost feel guilty about it. This time it was cool to recognise places from Paris, as it was filmed in the same area that we stayed in.

Better get back to Håkon and Julemorgen now. Hope you're all having a nice time!

Happy New Year Ramblings

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It's New Years eve and I don't have any plans for partying or celebrations, because as we all know, no matter how much you plan, New Year Eve is alwyays a bummer.

It's been quiet from me during the holidays. I've just been enjoying family life and done an insanely amount of relaxing. Line and I have also tried to catch up on the "movies we've got to see list." We saw Gangs of New York the day before yesterday, and once again I learned the hard way that a movie nominated for a huge amount of Academy Awards usually sucks. When will I learn? More -->

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